About Us

Outstanding Activities

Leading language and literacy education

Our faculty members are using $54 million to expand Reading Recovery and aid 490,000 additional first graders nationwide who are struggling to read and write.

The multidisciplinary Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy addresses barriers that keep children from learning.

Academics from speech-language pathology, psychology, reading, special education and elementary education are collaborating to produce high-quality empirical research that will be disseminated to improve practice and policy. Projects include a $20 million five-university consortium improving reading comprehension of children 4 to 8 years old.

Championing 21st-century teacher preparation

The college plays a key role in Ohio's preparation of teachers as we reinstate initial licensure at the baccalaureate level. Seven new bachelor of education programs have been added to our offerings. They will enable students to be eligible for initial licensure and to enter the classroom.

The Society of Health and Physical Educators (formerly the Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) has given the Physical Education Teacher Education Honor Award to the entire Physical Education faculty in the Department of Human Sciences. The recognition was unusual because it recognized the EHE program's combined leadership and impact on the field.

Attracting high-quality student scholars

More than 6,000 students enjoy the benefits of our college's rich and diverse educational environment built on experiential learning.

Our mean doctoral GRE scores are on a par with leading peer institutions: Columbia, UCLA, Berkeley, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Our undergraduate programs are attracting top scholars, including a human nutrition major and a future Spanish teacher who are among Ohio State's first group of full-tuition Eminence Fellows and a Fashion and Retail Studies senior honored with a $30,000 Geoffrey Beene Scholarship. Numerous graduate students have been recognized with fellowships.

Helping special-needs children succeed

The Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis selected our Applied Behavior Analysis program in the Department of Educational Studies to receive the award for Enduring Programmatic Contributions for 40 years of improving the quality of life for people with disabilities.

The college is the only Ohio institution offering Orientation and Mobility instruction leading to licensure for specialists who aid student who are blind or visually impaired.

Innovative math and science educators

Our Mathematics Coaching Program has increased the math skills of 100,000 K-8 students in schools across Ohio by bringing instructional best practices to classroom teachers.

Alumna Carol Morbitzer, '95, was recognized as the 2013 Ohio Teacher of the Year for her skill in teaching high school mathematics.

Faculty are transforming teachers' understanding of how students learn mathematics, including geometry and geometric measurement.

"Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears" and "Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle" are hugely successful online magazine for elementary teachers, teachers-in-training, home-school families and students. Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears received Science magazine's Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE).

Faculty members are studying a central problem in STEM education: assessment of students' cognitive models of natural selection. They are transforming approaches by harnessing computer technology to implement cyber-enabled assessment.

Authorities on educational policy and leadership

Our educational administration programs have provided leadership education at the master's and doctoral levels for more than 50 years.

Faculty projects include creating a model for supplying talented teachers to high-need schools, studying academic motivation as a solution to cheating and preparing superintendents for licensure.

Advocating for populations at risk

The new Center for IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity and Academic Success) specializes in research, outreach and advocacy for increasing minority recruitment and attainment.

Counselor educators are putting into practice research on how to prevent suicide among youth and college students.

The Star House is a rare facility for an almost invisible but vulnerable population: youth living on the street. Star House integrates research and community service. Staff, therapists and undergraduate and graduate students provide links to services within the community and treatment strategies. Also, social scientists can research and test interventions to aid those who abuse drugs and alcohol and others who find themselves in dire circumstances.

Distributing our knowledge

Our faculty and staff researchers are quoted in newspapers, magazines and websites worldwide. Recently, major media outlets--NBC News, CNN, Time, USNews & World Report, the London Times and the New York Times – used our experts to discuss current topics such as the health benefits of quitting smoking, how dual-career couples divide up child care, the relationship of poor mental health to casual sex, and the violence depicted in children's fiction.