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Jackie Blount, Associate Dean

The Office of Academic Affairs provides services to support the academic mission of the College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE). These services range from undergraduate academic advising to curriculum development, and include technology, international programs, assessment, and scholarships. The college realignment process is centered here too.

Here are a few Academic Affairs highlights from the past year and a half:

  • Completion of semester conversion, including the creation of many new programs, rethinking of existing ones, and conversion of around 1300 unique courses. This effort largely has been coordinated by Andy Zircher, our new Director of Assessment and Curriculum.
  • Centralization of all undergraduate advising in one location to improve services for students, especially as they prepare for semesters and a re-aligned college. This major re-organization has been led by Assistant Dean Jennifer Klosterman-Lando, Associate Director of Undergraduate Student Services (UGSS) Kia McKinnie, and our very talented UGSS staff.
  • Introduction of three separate seed grant programs to facilitate development of new international experiences for students and research/service collaborations among faculty. Fourteen such projects have since been funded. Our international programs are led now by Dr. Evie Freeman, who has done much in a short time to coordinate the College’s wide-ranging efforts.
  • Strengthening of the college’s IT infrastructure. This very complex, ongoing project has been led by our Chief Information Officer, Joe Roush, and the whole Office of Technology and Enhanced Learning (OTEL) Service Delivery team.
  • Development of strong educational technology services by staff who support the creation and use of powerful and appropriate digital learning technologies. The OTEL Educational Technology team is capably led by Director Lynn Trinko. In addition, a series of current and upcoming classroom/lab upgrades with cutting-edge technologies is rolling out. Coreland Phillips, who oversees the technology in our classrooms and labs, has been hard at work to make this happen.
  • Broadening and deepening of Career Service support for our students as provided by Director Jean Wyer and Nancy Dugan.
  • Opening of the College Commons, a versatile, media-enhanced space for a wide variety of social and educational functions.
  • The awarding of well over $1,500,000 in scholarship funding (2012-13) by our college’s scholarship program under the new direction of Brian Janssen.
  • The complete re-design of the EHE website by the OTEL Web Services team led by Eric Lauterbach, Web Services Manager, and his team of Margaux Weinandy, Dustin Perzanowski, and Jonathan Tascoe.
  • Development of the EHE Re-alignment Proposal and approval by college faculty in February, 2012.

For more information you may contact me at or (614) 688-4571.

Jackie M. Blount