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Consumer Sciences Seminar: Daniel Grossman

Event Information

Neighborhood Networks and Program Participation
241 Campbell Hall, 1787 Neil Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43210
Friday, Mar. 31, 2017
1-2:30 p.m.
Event Speaker: 
Daniel Grossman

The Consumer Sciences Seminar is a weekly series that faculty from Ohio State and other universities present the latest research and trends in consumer sciences. Speakers present cutting-edge research on a diverse and wide-ranging set of topics. Recent speakers discussed findings related to how individuals and couples shop, engage in precautionary financial or health behavior, take risks, interact with firms, and run businesses. Often the research analyzes how particular government policies affect what people choose to do.

On March 31, the Consumer Sciences graduate program invites Daniel Grossman, assistant professor of economics at West Virginia University, to present a lecture on "Neighborhood Networks and Program Participation."