Department of Human Sciences

Human Development and Family Science Undergraduate Programs

Do you like people? Do you want to make a difference in the world? If so, HDFS is the major for you!

The Human Development and Family Science (HDFS) major is a great choice for a “people person”. This major prepares students for careers that help others, contribute to one's community, and provide a sense of making a difference in one's society. Many factors make an HDFS major very valuable, such as a growing older adult population, a stable high divorce rate, and more dual income families leading to more children being in child care. Having the knowledge of how children and families develop is an extremely valuable asset for a variety of careers, from teaching children, to working in social service settings with children and families, to working with older adults.

Students can major in Family Studies and focus their studies in several areas of human development and family sciences or customize their studies. We also have a minor that compliments well with any degree program.

Subject Matter of the Program

  • the nature and process of human development over the life span
  • the dynamics of marital and family relationships
  • conditions in the family, community, and society that enhance, support, and impede individual
  • development and family well-being
  • dysfunctional family systems/family therapy
  • family life education

Professional Staff

  • Eugene Folden - Ph.D.,The Ohio State University, Director of Undergraduate Studies