Department of Human Sciences

Exercise Science Education

What is Exercise Science Education?

Exercise Science Education includes two strands. The Exercise Science strand involves the study of structural, functional, and behavioral phenomena related to participation in acute and chronic exercise in multiple settings. The Health Promotion Strand addresses the promotion of exercise and other health behaviors in community, worksite, school, health care and other settings. All students have opportunities to engage with a faculty mentor in their research laboratory and work on research projects focused on exercise science and health promotion.

Careers in Exercise Science Education

This major prepares students for employment in commercial, corporate, clinical, community, and government agencies with interest in the areas of physical activity and/or health promotion.

  • The Exercise Science Strand prepares individuals for work in clinical fitness centers, rehabilitation programs, or other programs that offer physical activity, exercise, or health program delivery and require general fitness testing and evaluation, body composition assessment, and exercise prescription.
  • The Health Promotion Strand prepares individuals for work in primary prevention programs in community, worksite, schools, health care, and other settings that design, implement, and evaluate health behavior-change programs.

With additional coursework, this major is suitable for students wishing to pursue careers in fields such as physical therapy, athletic training, occupational therapy, chiropractic, and medicine.

Click here for more information on how the exercise science major fulfills physical therapy prerequisites.

Individuals completing the exercise science or the health promotion strand may sit for the certification tests of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and take the community health education specialist certification (CHES) test, respectively. Students can consult Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, a monthly journal published by the American College of Sports Medicine, for job opportunities available in exercise science. Graduate program opportunities may be obtained by consulting the ACSM Graduate Program Directory, which is available on the ACSM website.