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Become a teacher of physical education With a Bachelor of Science In Education from The Ohio State University

"You can have an impact. Your efforts and commitment with elementary school children will teach them fundamental motor skills. Your work with middle school students can turn them on to sport. Your skills will help shape the future of a high school student's life by teaching them the importance of a physically active life. America is facing an obesity crisis and an increasingly sedentary population –you can change that by inspiring, teaching and caring. Do you have the courage to make a difference?"

Physical Education Teacher Education

Become a Physical Activity Specialist with a Bachelor of Science in Education

Physical Activity Specialists

  • promote and teach physical activity and recreation activities in community recreation centers
  • coach individual and team sports in school, recreational and club settings.
  • integrate physical activity and nutrition programs for school-aged children in after school programs and recreational centers
  • work in the health club industry

If this is something you want to do consider becoming a physical activity specialist. Ohio State offers an innovative four year curriculum designed to merge an understanding of child and youth development with knowledge and instructional skills in physical activity, sport and nutrition. Our goal for graduates of the program is to equip them with the confidence, knowledge and skills to become leaders in youth development in broad contexts including recreation centers, sports clubs, schools, and youth development.

Physical Activity Specialist

How do I declare a major?

Any current Ohio State student or transfer student with at least a 2.75 CUM GPA can apply to be admitted as a pre-major in Physical Education Teacher Education. Students starting in a pre-major can apply to the full major once they complete the following requirements.

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