Department of Human Sciences

Nutrition Sciences specialization in Human Nutrition

The Nutrition Sciences specialization in Human Nutrition is designed for students interested in metabolism and function of nutrients in relation to health and disease. The major provides a strong science foundation for pre-professional programs.

What Will I Study?

The curriculum includes study in:

  • Interaction of microbiology and the human experience
  • Organic chemistry
  • Human physiology
  • Fundamentals of human nutrition
  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • Research methods in nutrition

What Are the Admissions Requirements?

Any current or transfer student at The Ohio State University with at least a 2.50 CUM GPA can apply to be admitted as a pre-major. Students starting in a pre-major can apply to the full major once they meet these requirements.

What Courses Might I Take?

Download a curriculum sheet to learn about the courses needed to complete this program.

What Can I do With A Degree in This Program?

This program prepares students for admission to medical, dental, optometry and pharmacy schools, as well as graduate programs in nutrition, biomedical sciences and public health.

Why Choose This Program?

In this option, professional experience is gained through the completion of a one semester supervised internship with an approved professional.

  • A course requirement for the Nutrition Major is the Human Nutrition Internship Experience, typically completed during the final year of study. This course is a pre-planned, supervised internship meant to provide students with professional experience in a nutrition-related work environment.
  • The internship may be a paid or volunteer position. Suggested placements will be given by the course instructor, however it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to arrange an approved placement.
  • This experience provides valuable opportunities for professional development and networking.

Students are also encouraged to participate in research projects with faculty and/or engage in other professional training activities associated with the career path of interest.

Student Organizations

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Who Are the Faculty In This Program?