OTEL is Now Two Separate Departments

The Office of Technology and Enhanced Learning (OTEL) at The College of Education and Human Ecology is now two separate departments – the Office of Information Technology (EHE OIT) and EHE Educational Technology (EHE EdTech).

Office of Information Technology (EHE OIT)

Client Computing can help you set up your computer or troubleshoot any issues you may have. You can still reach them the same as you did under the OTEL name. Learn more about requesting technical assistance.

Our Infrastructure team maintains servers and storage as well as networking in EHE buildings. They have spent the past year updating our infrastructure to support the new technology needs of the college.

Classroom Services upgrades technology in EHE classrooms, improving learning environments and opportunities for students and faculty.

We also offer complete Web Services to meet your needs to deliver online messages. This includes consultation, graphic design, website development, and content writing for the web.

See the full list of services provided by The Office of Information Technology.


Educational Technology (EHE EdTech)

EHE Educational Technology is the primary source to provide technology tools, instructional design, multimedia production and support for faculty, staff and students. We develop ways to improve student achievement by integrating technology into the learning process and emphasizing positive learning outcomes. 

Learn more about the services provided by Educational Technology.

Why the Change?

As technology resources in the college continue to mature, we have recognized that two teams within OTEL have complimentary yet unique, processes, culture and goals.

As of September 1, 2014, OTEL became two separate entities designed to better serve your needs: Office of EHE Educational Technology (EHE EdTech) and Office of Information Technology (OIT). These two new units will allow each to pursue their own goals under their own leadership and follow their own distinct missions to support the college mission.

No matter how we are structured, we are committed to providing great service and services to faculty, staff and students.