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Declaring a Major

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Becoming a pre-Major in the College of Education and Human Ecology

Students who are interested in a major within the College of Education and Human Ecology should first attend an information session, prior to meeting with an academic advisor. Register for an EHE Information Session. After attending the information session, students will be able to schedule an individual appointment with an academic advisor, by calling (614) 292-9261.

Non-Competitive Majors

Students that are currently pre-majors and are enrolled in non-competitive program are not required to complete applications to be added into their majors. Once student listed as a pre-major in a non-competitive program meets the minimum requirements for the programs, they will be automatically placed into their program. The switch from pre-major to major status will happen a week after grades are posted at the end of the semester. If questions or problems please email Derraya Miller.

Competitive Majors

Students who wish to pursue a competitive program within the College of Education and Human Ecology are welcome to declare the pre-major. Eventually, students who are in the pre-major of a competitive program are required to apply and be admitted into the full-major, in order to complete the program. Typically applications are only accepted once a year for a program. Attaining the minimum requirement(s) and applying for the competitive program does not guarantee admission into the program. Admission decisions are made by the faculty of the program.

If a student is unsure whether or not their current major is considered non-competitive or competitive, or if a student is unaware of the admission requirements, the student should schedule an appointment with their current academic advisor.

Non-EHE students, if you are interested in an EHE program please visit our Majors and Programs page.

Application to the Major

To learn more information about the competitiveness, major requirements, and/or the application process, please select your intended major from the list below: