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College Council

The College Council is an elected body of faculty that advises the Dean on college policies and procedures such as programs, fiscal matters, and personnel decisions.

Elected faculty members of the College Council oversee requirements for program admission and the adoption, alteration, or abolishment of courses and curricula subject to the approval of the Council on Academic Affairs, the President and the Board of Trustees. A set of bylaws outline the membership of council, the standing committees, and the voting procedures.

Each department has elected voting members plus alternates that serve 3-year terms. Elections are held each year in each department, so that several new members are elected from each department on a rolling basis. As a voting member, the Dean works with the College Council in the promotion, direction, and support of educational and research activities of the college, the encouragement of high quality programs for students, and in the maintenance of a high level of morale among the faculty. Also represented are staff, students and administrators so that information is shared in collaborative conversations each month.


The College Council meets on the first Friday of each month during the academic year in the EHE College Commons, 260 Ramseyer.

More Information

For College Council documents, minutes and information, visit EHE Exchange. For more information, contact Weidong Li, College Council Chair.

For more information about the College Council please download the PDF iconmembership list.