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Communication Tips

Clear and consistent communication with your supervisor will help you feel more comfortable in your role as a graduate associate (GA) and support your success. Below are communication tips provided by current supervisors of GAs in the College of Education and Human Ecology.

  • Have an initial meeting to review job responsibilities, outline expectations concerning workload and time commitment, method of communication, and identify success markers.
  • Determine a meeting pattern throughout the semester to check-in with each other on progress. This will help both of you stay on track with your work. 
  • If your work includes a written product, consider working with your supervisor at the beginning of the project to establish due dates for drafts building in time for revisions and discussion, so neither of you feel rushed by deadlines and exam commitments.
  • When meeting with your supervisor, have a list of goals or topics in mind. It can be helpful to start the meeting with, “Today, I am hoping we can talk about ….”
  • Many supervisors will trust you to work autonomously and will expect everything is moving along unless you tell them otherwise. Take the initiative. If something urgent comes up, you are uncertain about what steps to take, or simply need additional direction or feedback, reach out to your supervisor.
  • If you are seeking additional experiences or challenges within your role that can help you explore or prepare for future careers, ask so your supervisor can keep an eye out for opportunities for growth.