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Undergraduate Student Recruitment

EHE Undergraduate Student Recruitment works with students from the point they express interest in an EHE program until they attend New Student Orientation. With more than 30 undergraduate degree pathways, both competitive and non-competitive, finding your perfect fit is how we can help you!

“I am currently a high school student” (NFYS)

Definition: New first-year students are currently enrolled in high school; have completed high school but not attended college; or are enrolled in high school and have PSEO/IB/AP credits planning to enroll as incoming freshmen.

With the increase in students who are obtaining college credit while in high school, we understand that the complex needs of our future freshmen are constantly evolving.  If you haven’t yet completed high school, you will be an incoming freshmen regardless of your earned credit.  If you’d like to schedule an appointment to discuss any of our undergraduate majors, entry into the major, and/or life in EHE, please schedule an appointment to speak with us.  We can accommodate in-person or phone appointments.


“I am planning to transfer” (Transfer)

Definition: Student who are currently enrolled at a college/university; who have been enrolled in a college/university; students who have completed high school and who have earned college credits.

We know the decision to transfer is a big one.  Most students want to know how their transfer credit will apply to our programs before deciding that EHE is a perfect fit.  We can help you with that!  If you’d like more information about a program, such as admission criteria or how your completed credits would apply to an EHE undergraduate major, schedule a phone or in-person appointment with us!  There will even be an opportunity for you to upload an unofficial transcript.

If you are interested in an appointment to talk more about transferring to EHE please call 614-292-2741 to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.


"I am a returning Ohio State student"

Definition: Student has been enrolled at Ohio State in EHE and has taken a leave of absence. The student now wants to re-enroll at Ohio State.

With your Ohio State username (lastname.#) visit EHE's Office of Undergraduate Student Services


“I am an Ohio State student who wants to switch majors”

Definition: Student who is enrolled at Ohio State in a college/unit other than EHE, regardless of which Ohio State campus,  who wants to change majors.

If you have an Ohio State username (lastname.#), explore the undergraduate programs available in EHE.

“I am an Ohio State student who is enrolled at a regional campus”

Definition: Student who is enrolled at Ohio State in an EHE major and wants to meet with an EHE Academic Advisor on the Columbus campus.

As an EHE student enrolled on any of the regional campuses, you can schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor on the Columbus campus. Call the Office of Undergraduate Student Services at 614-292-9261, and select option “1” when prompted. Please indicate that you are currently on the regional campus. This will ensure you are scheduled with the first available advisor.


Undergraduate Student Recruitment Contacts

Winston Branch

Winston Branch
Recruitment Specialist

Emily Clark

Emily Clark
Program Assistant

Kim Bruening

Kim Bruening
Student Engagement Specialist