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Data and Assessments

Assessment data are measures used to determine the quality of our educator programs. Examples include data such as graduation rates, grade point average, standardized test pass rates, and employer and alumni surveys. We provide these reports on a regular basis as a measure of public accountability. The following links provide information on specific performances. Please note, the reporting period is listed on each report.

Educator Preparation Snapshot

National Performance Reports

Title II Institutional Pass Rate Data

For 2015-2016 pass rate data on endorsements and advanced programs, click PDF iconhere.

State Program Performance Reports

Ohio Educator Preparation Performance Reports

State Program-Specific Reports

2019 State Program-Specific Performance Reports
2018 State Program-Specific Performance Reports
2017 State Program-Specific Performance Reports
2016 State Program-Specific Performance Reports
2015 State Program-Specific Performance Reports
2014 State Program-Specific Performance Reports
2013 State Program-Specific Performance Reports

The Educator Preparation Program at The Ohio State University uses an assessment system to collect, analyze and maintain information for the purpose of managing and improving candidate, unit, and program performance. You may access the Educator Preparation Unit Assessment Handbook PDF iconhere. The assessment system is TK20.

University Supervisors and Program Managers can review information about Gates I and II PDF iconhere, which describe unit wide forms necessary for Initial Licensure Programs.

CAEP Annual Reporting Measures: Three-Year Trend Summaries

Ohio State annually monitors impact and outcome measures to reflect on the effectiveness of its educator preparation programs. In addition to the data shared in other sections on this webpage, the summaries below capture three-year data trends.

Teacher Shortage Area (TSA)
Lists for the 2016-17 School Year

The Ohio Board of Regents ran data to ascertain the 2016-2017 teacher shortage areas by examining emergency licensure requests. Ohio-designated shortage areas for 2016-2017 are English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, Foreign Language, Special Education, Speech Pathology and TESOL. For the full report, please see PDF iconTeacher Shortage Areas.

Students who earn degrees and then teach in Teacher Shortage Areas may be eligible for federal loan forgiveness or for TEACH grants. Please contact Ohio State financial aid for more details, or go to