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Priority Needs and How You Can Help

Create Modern Learning Environments

You can help transform teaching, learning and research at The Ohio State University by contributing to updated classrooms and labs, e-learning technology and new opportunities made possible by wireless connections. Here are some of our achievements to date:

  • The Edgar Dale Learning Center in Ramseyer Hall received a makeover, upgrading it to a technology-enhanced space with all the latest equipment and software for faculty, staff and students.
  • The human nutrition laboratories in Campbell Hall were expanded and renovated, allowing more space and new equipment essential for research into how nutrition can prevent cancer or diabetes and promote health.

Our Aspirations

Support the College of Education and Human Ecology's (EHE) Digital First Initiative:

  • To partner with Ohio State's Digital First Initiative that will use iPads and other wireless technology to enhance the student experience from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

Expand community outreach activities at the Schoenbaum Family Center:

  • To reach more families from the economically challenged Weinland Park neighborhood, such as by adding e-learning and more technology-driven educational opportunities.

Enhance EHE online learning infrastructure and staffing:

  • To help EHE become a leader in offering our most highly recognized programs online with superior quality.