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Priority Needs and How You Can Help

Place Students First

We value students as future leaders in child and family sciences, education and training, fashion and retail industries, financial planning, hospitality management, nutrition sciences, physical education, and sport, exercise and leisure industries. You can support high-achieving students like:

  • Mitchell Bartholomew, whose research with faculty Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan about new parents' time on Facebook was published in media sources around the world, including the Los Angeles Times online.
  • Tara McCarthy, who won the 2010 Sowell Student of the Year Award from the Council for Exceptional Children. She completed a master's degree in teaching for visually impaired students, a program directed by faculty Peter Paul.
  • Gina Verhoff, who won a first place in the 2012 Ohio State's Denman Undergraduate Research Forum for her research under faculty Jackie Goodway about an X-Box physical fitness game.
  • Kom Komanpatana, who studies with faculty Mark Failla, received a prestigious second place for his presentation on his human nutrition research in the 2012 Graduate Student Research Competition of the Nutrition Division, Institute of Food Technologists.

Our Aspirations

Endow graduate or undergraduate student scholarship funds:

  • To make degrees an affordable reality for all.

Support international study experiences:

  • To ensure opportunities for at least 20 students annually.