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Focus on EHE Internships: Where and What are They Learning?

Maria Swartz—Exercise Science Intern

Maria Swartz, Intern (far left), Program Manager - Lauren Keller (center), and Health Fitness Specialist - Nick Burke (right). Both Nick and Lauren were Ohio State alumni!

I am a Health Fitness intern at the Huntington Fitness Northland Center. This is a facility that provides Huntington colleagues the opportunity to participate in group fitness classes, personal training, wellness events and have access to a gym equipped with weights and cardio machines. I chose this internship because it provided first-hand experience in fitness and health promotion program planning, implementation, and evaluation. I was able to engage one-on-one with the employees and help them achieve their overall fitness goals, a very rewarding experience!

This Spring, I had the opportunity to conduct health assessments, design training programs, and instruct group fitness classes. I helped market the fitness center by creating flyers, posters, newsletters, and bulletin boards. I was also able to network with lots of health fitness professionals at Huntington, as well as other corporate health facilities such as Honda and Cardinal Health. The major highlights of my internship included operating a booth at the Health Fair in Easton, presenting an hour-long Lunch & Learn, and designing a March Mayhem wellness event.

I made it a point to search early for my internship in order to find the one that I would enjoy and fits my career aspirations. I found the Huntington Fitness Center internship on EHE Career Services. A very useful resource that I would recommend! Before I applied last summer, I took the initiative to contact the Program Manager to inquire more information on the position. As a result, she was able to learn more about my background and realized we had similar connections. This was a way for me to stand out from the crowd. And of course it helped that she was an Ohio State alumni and thought very highly of Ohio State students!


Michelle Williams—Exercise Science Intern


I am an intern at Nationwide Children's Hospital in their Noninvasive Cardiology department. I chose this internship because I wanted to to work in a hospital setting. I am interested in a career in healthcare, and this internship has been a great stepping stone towards applying the skills from my coursework to a clinical environment. This internship has also showed me how much I enjoy pediatric cardiology, and I would like to pursue this interest further, after graduation.

During this internship I have been working in the stress lab, performing exercise stress tests on children with congenital heart defects, and other patients with cardiology related issues. My duties include prepping patients for an ECG, taking blood pressures, monitoring ECGs during exercise and recovery, ECG interpretation, gathering VO2 data, working on reports and communicating with patients and parents. I have also had to opportunity to scrub in on an open heart surgery of a baby, which was an amazing experience. My internship also involves rotating to the Ross Heart Hospital's to experience an adult patient population. At the Ross I have had to opportunity to assist with pharmacological stress tests and stress echocardiograms. I also observed procedures in the electrophysiology lab where they perform pacemaker insertions and changeups, heart catheterizations, tilt table studies, and cardioversions. I have gained a vast new knowledge and appreciation of the field of cardiology.

During my internship search, I knew that I wanted to work in a hospital so I highlighted all the clinical locations on a list of possible internships for exercise science majors, provided on the EHE website. From there I made phone calls and sent out my resume, and waited for them to contact me with an interview. I am currently in the process of researching and contacting other hospitals​, with the help of my supervisor, to build a network of people who work in this field. I hope to gain this network advantage, so that I can find a similar job when this internship is over.


Sarah Schebek—Human Nutrition and Community Health Major
Photo Sarah Schebek with Evan McClintock, MJP-Spire employee; fellow intern Keegan Reed; and Bryan McCall, MJP-Spire director of sports performance.

Sarah Schebek (second from left) with (L-R) Evan McClintock, MJP-Spire employee; fellow intern Keegan Reed; and Bryan McCall, MJP-Spire director of sports performance.

I was a Sport Physiology Intern with Michael Johnson Performance (MJP) at Spire Institute in Geneva, OH. I chose to intern with MJP because I knew I would be mentored by such an experienced and intelligent group of strength and conditioning coaches as well as have the opportunity to work with some of the best athletes in the country.

This summer, I had the opportunity to help run speed and agility classes, oversee weight room activity and perform injury risk assessments for the weekly summer camps including sports of all kinds and athletes of all ages. One of the highlights of this summer was getting to observe and work with the Baltimore Raven’s Super Bowl Champ Ramon Harewood (Barbadian offensive tackle, graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta) for a few weeks.

In the strength and conditioning field, networking is the most important thing next to experience so I placed a fair amount of emphasis on it. I found out about the MJP internship through one of the people I met through my former job at [Ohio State’s] Medical Center. From there, I researched other places on the internet to figure out all of my options. I think the absolute best resource is simply talking to other people; getting to know others, their story, who they know, etc. You never know who somebody else may know that can get you where you want and need to be. At MJP, I met a TON of people, who in turn would introduce me to other people in the field. My mentors showed me several different websites to follow and organizations to join in order to continue my networking process. They truly did everything they could to help me with my next phase of my career in terms of “who to know.”


Meghan Keding—Hospitality Management Intern
Photo of Meghan Keding with Angela Petro, CEO of Two Caterers.

Meghan Keding (right) with Angela Petro, CEO of Two Caterers.

I am currently doing a full-time internship this summer with Two Caterers which is currently located up in Westerville, but moving shortly to the brewery district downtown. I chose this company after learning about them from Jeni’s ice creams, one of their partners, and did a bit more research on the company to find that it is a green company which uses primarily local products to produce its food; it was also initially started by two women, one who remains still as the current CEO. Seeing all of this, I thought it was an awesome, innovative company and I wanted to be a part of it.

My internship started with training in every department which even included 5 days in the kitchen. I really learned all the aspects of the company before jumping into my daily routine so that I could always help whichever department needed it! My daily duties range from answering phones and taking orders, deliveries/pick-ups, as well as responding to inquires; I never know what I will do on any given work day! I also serve and shadow on various events such as one of Gordon Gee’s recent retirement parties at the State House, C Wonder store opening in Easton, and weddings at various locations. A few of my intern projects have included planning our Two Caterers tasting which is held every other month as well as our Sweet Carrot Tasting. This has included creating a menu, picking decor, linen colors, staffing needs, orders, florals and more! I have been given 100% of responsibility of these with little guidance, which has really been awesome! I am also in the process of creating a concrete intern manual as well as planning one of our marketing plans we are looking to in-act in a few months!

The most important thing I have learned from my internship so far would have to be how essential communication is. Catering requires a team and a group effort and in order for it to run smoothly everything must be clearly communicated and re-communicated. Everything here is checked, double checked, and triple checked and meetings are held each week to make sure everyone is on the same page and not caught off guard. Even with the effective and fabulous communication I’ve witnessed here, mistakes still happen. Therefore, this communication is key.

The reason I felt so prepared when taking on this internship was my prior experience in catering. I had worked for two years with catering at the Ohio State University and had a pretty good idea of the industry and serving down to an art! I highly recommend having some idea of the catering industry prior to taking on this internship just so it does not overwhelm you! It is a fast-pace, long hour industry and you need to be prepared for that. Two Caterers especially is staffed with all hard-working, energetic, creative individuals who truly love the company and the product they produce and are looking for their interns to become a part of that team! It is the best experience I have had to date and I have no doubt what I have learned here is what will help me with the rest of my career in the Hospitality industry and help me stand out in the sea of recent graduates!


Natalie Martin—Fashion and Retail Studies Intern
Photo of Natalie Martin at her internship site, Rowe Boutique.

Natalie Martin at her internship site, Rowe Boutique.

I am an intern at Rowe Boutique in Short North Columbus, Ohio. I chose to intern at Rowe Boutique because it is my favorite women’s boutique in Columbus. Rowe carries contemporary clothing for the fashion lifestyle minded woman. Whether you are looking to update your wardrobe, pick up a gift or in need of some retail therapy, it’s the perfect spot!

We are always keeping busy at Rowe. Right now a big project we are working on is the fall runway fashion show, which entails a high end evening of style featuring a runway show and pop up that showcases Fall 2013 clothing, jewelry and accessories currently available at Rowe Boutique. We also plan big things every month for Gallery hop and Holidays. Stay tuned!

I have learned a lot at my internship, the most important aspect to me is gaining a strong understanding of the buyer role, from attending fashion shows to trade shows and trunk shows. I am constantly taking in information and performing sales analysis.

There are many important factors in preparing for an internship, for me the main factor is concentrating on building content through social media channels to keep customers engaged and having a knowledge of customer base and fulfilling the customer’s needs. Also, learning how to purchase items that are emotional and unique for our customer and learn how I can use this tool to drive sales.