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Jobs Search

The professional staff of Career Development will meet with those in need of career advice by appointment.

  • Education Majors: To schedule a career advising appointment, email Katie Moore.
  • Human Sciences Majors: To schedule an internship appointment, email Derraya Miller.
  • Education/Human Sciences Majors: To schedule an appointment, email Nancy Dugan.

Job Search Documents Assistance

The job search requires candidates to produce documents such as a cover letter, resume, portfolio, and follow up correspondence. There are many components to conducting an effective job search. Ideally, job seekers should start a job search at least 6-9 months before desired employment. However, it is never too late to develop a personalized job search strategy. 

  • View the Resume and Cover Letter page for a guide to writing these documents. 
  • For additional guidance, contact Career Services for an appointment.