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Services for Students

On-Campus Job Interviews

On-campus Interviewing is available to College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE) students and alumni. They will have the opportunity to schedule interviews with employers that contact our office and schedule on-campus interviews.

All sign ups are first-come, first-served and candidates must meet the requirements of the position description and have a résumé posted in the EHECareers system.

Job Fairs

Throughout the year, Career Services sponsors job fairs. The office also supports job fairs sponsored by other departments at The Ohio State University.

Advising: Career and Internship

The professional staff of Career Services will meet with those in need of career advice by appointment. To schedule a career advising appointment, email Nancy Dugan.

Job Search Documents Assistance

The job search requires candidates to produce documents such as the cover letter, résumé, portfolio, and follow up correspondence. View the Résumés and Letters webpage for a guide to writing these documents. The Career Services professional staff can provide guidance and offer reviews of these documents.

Job Listings (online)

EHECareers is an electronic job posting bulletin board. While many electronic job search engines are available on the internet, EHECareers posts positions upon the employers' request to target candidates from the College of Education and Human Ecology. This free service allows students and alumni to search job postings, have their résumé viewed by employers, receive campus recruiting notices, and register for job fairs.

To qualify for "student" status, one must be admitted to a College of Education and Human Ecology degree program. To qualify for "alumni" status, one must have earned a degree from a program housed in the College of Education and Human Ecology.

Workshops or Class Presentations

The Career Services professional staff would be happy to meet with a group or class to discuss career related topics. They also offer occasional workshops in preparation for job fairs or to inform the Education and Human Ecology community of issues related to jobs and careers. To arrange for a Career Services professional staff to meet with your group, note the contact information below.

Interview Preparation

Normally, the final step in the hiring process is the interview. The interview may involve meeting with one person or it may involve meeting with several different people. It may take place on one day or it may be spread over several days. Sometimes the interview process will take place in a social setting (dinner or a party), and other times it will be strictly in an office setting. In other words, no two interviews are exactly alike and you must be prepared for anything. For more information about interviewing, visit Career Counseling and Support Services or review the tips below.

Job Search Strategies

There are many components to conducting and an effective job search. Ideally, job seekers should start a job search at least 6-9 months before desired employment. However, it is never too late to develop a personalized job search strategy.

A Final Word

It is important to note that Career Services does not imply, in any form whatsoever, any guarantee of employment. All services and resources offered by this office are designed to assist individuals in their job search for which they have the final responsibility.