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Graphic Design and Editing

Client guidelines for graphic design and editing assistance

Your EHE Advancement Communications team within the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University wants to help you accomplish your strategic design and editing goals!

The team employs three professional editors and one graphic designer. They are tasked with producing effective and high quality communications, using print, web, email and social media, for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Recruiting: brochures, flyers, postcards, posters and pull-out displays to recruit potential EHE undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty
  • Alumni and donor engagement: newsletters (print and electronic), stewardship reports, web updates and social media graphic images
  • News and information: copy for advertisements in magazines and newsletters, press releases and web copy

A well-designed ad, brochure, newsletter, HTML email and event invitation can help you drive traffic to your website, increase event attendance and even increase enrollment numbers!

Email to see how EHE Advancement Communications can help you accomplish your strategic goals.



The audience base that the EHE Advancement Communications team works with is faculty and staff for the departments, programs, units and centers in the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University.

If you are outside of our audience base, don't worry! We will connect you with the correct design and communications department within the university.



Clients must provide copy for print, web, email and social media projects.

To make your content more digestible for your audience, keep it 1) brief, 2) interesting, 3) organized and include a 4) call to action. Your content should tell your audience what to do next, e.g. enroll in your graduate program; attend your event; follow you on Twitter and Instagram, etc.

Your content should be committed to equal opportunity, eliminate discrimination and meet the standards of the university's institutional mission of being diverse and inclusion.

Please take note of The Ohio State University's nondiscrimination notice:

Nondiscrimination Notice: The Ohio State University is committed to building and maintaining a diverse community to reflect human diversity and improve opportunities for all. The university is committed to equal opportunity and eliminating discrimination. This commitment is both a moral imperative consistent with an intellectual community that celebrates individual differences and diversity, as well as a matter of law. Ohio State does not discriminate on the basis of age, ancestry, color, disability, gender identity or expression, genetic information, HIV/AIDS status, military status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status in its programs, activities, employment, and admission.


Completion Dates for Projects

Please allow AT LEAST a week for the completion of your project. Clients with common projects requests like flyers and posters and who have project deadlines that occur earlier than a week will be given templates to use to complete their projects.

If your project cannot use a template, and has an earlier deadline than a week, the EHE Advancement Communications team will connect you with a preferred design freelancer to assist you.

When using templates, the client is required to send a draft of their design to for approval BEFORE printing, distribution and submittal to an institutional review board (IRB).

Note: This may cause delays in the project's timeline. Allow time for approval and design changes, if necessary, to meet university and college guidelines.


Project Types

  • Event promotion, including advertisements
  • Print media, including newsletters, magazines, brochures and/or flyers, folders, etc.
  • Promotional items, including graphics for t-shirts, pens and coffee mugs, etc.
    Clients are responsible for:
    • Contacting the vendor (from a list of EHE approved vendors)
    • Providing EHE Advancement Communications with text and images
    • Submitting final artwork to Trademark and Licensing (T&L) for approval (we will provide the T&L form). If the artwork is not approved, we will work to adjust designs.
  • E-Communications, including HTML emails, invitations and other
    • All lists will need to be gathered by the requesting unit.
    • We can provide set-up assistance and templates for a unit-managed MailChimp account.
  • Social media development and support, including setup, support, planning and more.
    • May vary greatly depending on what help is needed


EHE Publication Templates

Templates are available for use for faculty, staff and students in the College of Education and Human Ecology.

Templates can be customized by the EHE Advancement Communications team for your specific EHE department, program and unit.


Design and Editing Goals Assessment

Upon contacting, you will receive a design and editing goals assessment to help the EHE Advancement Communications team better serve you.

Please review the required fields to be completed by each new client.


Preferred University Vendors

You can find a list of preferred Ohio State vendors that relate to design and promotional projects below.

Please contact Liz Zeigler and Sarah Kinninger, EHE Office of Business and Finance, if you have any specific questions regarding this list.


  • American Solutions for Business Chip Brady, Sr. Acct Executive Phone: 614/745-8322 Email: OSUPROMO@AMERICANBUS.COM Vendor ID#: 0000533944

    Express Promotions Butch Gebhardt Phone: 414/238-2661 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000533946

    G&G Outfitters Trisha Burgan, Senior Brand Consultant Phone: 301/731-2269 Cell: 630/207-1997 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000533656

    Golden Star Promotions Joanne Kouris, VP Phone: 614/569-8718 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000404879

    Idegy Inc. Read Allen, Client Development Executive Phone: 614/545-5000 x 220 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000130969

    Outreach Promotional Nevin Bansal, President and CEO Phone: 614/484-7329 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000533945

    Overture Katelynn Gray, Sr. Account Manager Phone: 224/513-3070 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000533657

    Passion Works Studio Wayne Savage, Studio Coordinator Phone: 740/592-4260 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000157990

    Proforma TCL Lori Luke, President Phone: 614/844-6369 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000026584

    Shumsky Enterprises Kathleen Ruebusch, New Business Development Account Manager Phone: 937/223-2203 x1169 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000003001

    Smile Promotions Rula Hanania, CEO Phone: 800/496-8101 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000377550

    Staples Advantage Sheri Quinn, Strategic Account Manager Phone: 614/218-0775 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000399041

    Sunshine Promotions Alex Acree Phone: 937/867-0949 Email: Vendor ID#: 0000428540