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Degree Audit

You are responsible for knowing the curriculum and requirements of your degree program. Running your Degree Audit will allow you to determine whether or not all of your requirements have been met. The college also uses the Audit for degree certification. You can access your Degree Audit through your Buckeye Link.


  • Please be sure to declare your minor prior to submitting your graduation application.
  • You are responsible for confirming the completion of your minor requirements with the department that offers your minor. Contact information can be found on the minor program sheet:
  • All minor requirements must be completed with a C- or higher prior to graduation.
  • If you have not met minor requirements prior to graduation, UGSS will contact you about dropping your minor. In the event a response is not received, your minor will be dropped in order to maintain eligibility for graduation.


The electives section located at the bottom of your Degree Audit will always appear unfulfilled (red X or NO). This will not prevent you from graduating, as long as all other sections of your Audit appear complete or in progress.