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EHE Faculty

EDGE supports and coordinates faculty engagement through outbound and inbound international activity.

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General Information

Out-bound (Ohio State students and faculty traveling internationally) experiences include:

  • Education Abroad proposals and courses
  • Support or start-up funds for faculty travel aimed at developing Education Abroad courses or university partnerships
  • Overseas English Language intensive study delivered through the Combined English Language Programs office
  • MOU and MOA coordination
  • Other supports including hourly student and GA workers for short term assignments, short-term space, web space, and other needs as required. Contact us regarding these requests.

In-bound (International students or faculty come to Ohio State) experiences include:

  • Coordination with departments and other Ohio State offices regarding international student applicants, especially sponsored students
  • Coordination through the EHE Departments and Office of International Affairs (OIA) for arriving international scholars including visa support, airport greeting and short-term housing
  • English language testing through combined English Language Programs to meet the J1 English Language requirement
  • MOU and MOA coordination
  • Other services including hourly student and GA workers for short term assignments, short-term space, web space, and other needs as required.
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Education Abroad Resources

Faculty writing a New Education Abroad course will use both the:

Faculty who have offered an education abroad course before need to send an EHE Information page to begin the process for offering the course again.

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Faculty Funds

Faculty who are conducting or presenting research can apply to the EHE Office of Research for support.

The College of Education and Human Ecology is offering a unique opportunity for faculty and staff to contribute to the accomplishment of University and College level strategic goals related to the building of a global presence. Members of the College are encouraged to propose new or re-envisioned, innovative, sustainable and self-sufficient international activities for undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty, including but not limited to study tours, research projects, professional development activities, distance or blended courses and summer activities. All international engagement is valued by the College. EHE International Programs Funds for Faculty are intended to support seed or start-up initiatives. They can be used for any kinds of support, but travel is a common request.

To encourage programs consistent with the EHE Strategic Plan, the College of Education and Human Ecology will award seed grants in 3 categories on a competitive basis. Proposals from all 3 categories will be considered as a single group and judged on their merits. Funds will not necessarily be awarded in all 3 categories.

  1. Ohio State Student International Experience Grants
    We seek proposals to support faculty in planning student experiences in international venues relevant to EHE programs, including but not limited to education abroad and service or experiential learning courses. (Consistent with EHE Strategic Plan Goal 2: Students First, Objective 2.3: Provide student outstanding and enriching international experience.)
  2. International Research Grants
    We seek proposals for innovative research projects with collaborators in other countries that will advance the reputation of research in the College and solve critical societal problems, such as research linked to the International Poverty Solutions Collaborative. Proposals that involve student researchers are encouraged. (Consistent with EHE Strategic Plan Goal 4: Research Prominence.)
  3. International Outreach & Engagement Grants
    We seek proposals to plan the teaching of credit or non-credit courses/programs, or to plan service or other outreach and engagement projects involving entities abroad. This includes the creation of opportunity for foreign students and faculty to study at Ohio State. (Consistent with EHE Strategic Plan Goal 5: Outreach & Collaboration, Objective 5.2 Expand the University's global/international outreach and service.)

Grant proposals must be between 500 and 750 words and address the following:

  • Project Title and Name of Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Project summary and goal(s), and potential benefits.
  • List of each faculty/staff, TIU, and their role in the project.
  • Proposed timeline.
  • Describe any risks that might compromise the goal(s) of the grant.
  • Approval: Include signatures of collaborators as well as those of their respective chairs/directors.
  • Deliverables.
  • Project budget. Grant amount cannot exceed $7,500.

Priority will be given to the development of international Maymester experiences, and to faculty/staff who are relative newcomers to international programming. Faculty/staff who are relatively new to international experiences are highly encouraged to partner on project proposals with more experienced/seasoned faculty/staff.

Funds will be set up in professional development accounts for each awardee. These funds may be spent for necessary travel and other expenses related to this grant. Funds will be released for awardees' use when their project is approved by the College's International Committee.

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English Programs Overseas

The combined English Language Programs office currently offers a pilot program which uses trained volunteers with graduate degrees to offer intensive English Language short courses delivered on site in multiple countries. The purpose is to support international engagement between the overseas site and Ohio State. Current countries include China, Indonesia and Turkey.

Contact us for more details.

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Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) and Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) are university-to-university documents which articulate the nature of international partnerships between institutions. These documents are governed by university policy and College policy.

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EHE Department schedulers can refer to EHE Department schedulers can refer to for OIA technical advice on setting up Educational Abroad course attributes.