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Below are answers to commonly asked questions. If you are still unable to find an answer to your question, please contact the FEEP Administrative GTA at 

Required Documentation

What happens if I do not have all my required documents submitted before the deadline specified in the application and the information packet?

Any student who does not have all required documents submitted by the assigned deadline will be automatically dropped from FEEP. In the past, we have had many issues with students not being able to begin their placements for several weeks due to missing document(s). This is an inconvenience to yourself, to the district coordinators who work hard to find placements and to the cooperating professional to whom you are assigned.

Please note that background checks are considered completed only once they have cleared. Having applied for a background check by the deadline is not sufficient. Therefore, you need to begin that process shortly after you complete your FEEP application. 

How do I know that all my required documents were received by OAPL and FEEP?

When you submit your TK20 application, the Office of Accreditation, Placement, and Licensure (OAPL) and/or FEEP staff can begin reviewing your application for accuracy and completeness. During this process, the status of your application will appear as “Review in Progress.” Once the review process is complete and all the required materials have been received, the status of your application will change to “Review Complete.” If you have any missing or incorrect documents, OAPL or FEEP staff will contact you directly and the status of your application will remain as “Review in Progress” until all documents are re-submitted. Please note that this process may take a few weeks from the time you submit your TK20 application. About two weeks before the deadline for submitting all required documents, the FEEP administrative assistant reviews a list of all students who are still missing documents. Thus, it is in your best interest to complete all documents well in advance of the deadline.

Do I need to have both FBI and BCII checks completed if I am a resident of the state of Ohio?

Yes, all schools/districts in the area require a record of both the BCI&I and FBI background checks on file before they allow you to enter the schools and interact with students. If you leave Columbus for the summer, you need to complete your background checks at the OSU HR office prior to leaving.

Can I have my background checks completed in my home town or home state or do they need to be completed here on campus?

It is better to complete your background checks on campus. Background checks completed on campus have a faster turnaround time and the campus police are familiar with the specific checks we require in our program.

Also, the FBI check can be completed out-of-state but the BCI&I needs to be completed in Ohio. If you live out of state, you need to get your BCI&I background check completed before you leave for the summer. In case you complete your FBI check out-of-state, hard copies need to be sent to Gina Thorpe:

The Ohio State University - Office of Human Resources
1590 N. High Street, Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio 43201

Where do I have my background checks sent to?

If your background checks were completed at The Ohio State University Office of Human Resources, you do not need to have your background checks sent anywhere, but you need to inform HR staff that you are completing your background checks for FEEP. The HR department automatically sends an electronic copy to the Office of Accreditation, Placement, and Licensure.

However, if your BCI&I and FBI background checks were done off campus, you need to send hard copies to Gina Thorpe:

The Ohio State University - Office of Human Resources
1590 N. High Street, Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio 43201

I worked for an agency or employer that required me to have a background check completed, do I need to complete another one for FEEP?

Background checks are only valid for a one calendar year and must be for a specific code. The code for the BCI&I must be 3319.39 B3 School Employees - Teachers Only. The code for the FBI must be 3319.39. If the background checks you have will not expire before the end of your experience and have the correct codes, you may use them. Otherwise, you will need to get new background checks. If you have any questions about the background check process, you may visit the Office of Accreditation, Placement, and Licensure background check website or email Diana Harwood.

Field Placement

Do I need to provide my own transportation?

Having your own transportation makes the FEEP experience much easier, but it is not necessary. We will provide you with opportunities to arrange transportation either with carpools with other FEEP students and/or the COTA system. A carpool discussion topic will be available on Carmen including links to district-provided maps that identify the locations of schools. It is YOUR responsibility to work out a way to get to your placement.  Please be aware that carpooling cannot be guaranteed, so you may end up having to take the bus to your placement. Some bus commutes can take over an hour, so be prepared to spend significant time commuting and make any necessary course schedule arrangements. We highly recommend that you not schedule classes before noon. We also highly suggest that if you participate in a carpool, you graciously offer monetary assistance to those providing transportation.

COTA makes safety and security a top priority (for more information see: We understand that riding a public bus may be a different experience for you; however, using public transportation is an important skill to master. For example, if you plan to travel abroad at any point, you will likely use public transportation. The COTA bus system offers you an opportunity to practice this skill and provides you a way to interact with community members surrounding your field placement.

I am interested in an education profession other than teaching, is there a place for me?

Yes. If you are interested in a non-school education setting, please indicate this on your FEEP application. We do have some non-school based education placements.

When will I find out what school district I am in?

A list of district placements will be emailed to you sometime during the week before orientation. Please note that this initial list will be tentative in nature and placements will be confirmed at orientation (please remember that students do not determine and may not request the school district to which they will be assigned). We work contractually with a small number of local districts, so special requests cannot be honored.


If I decide not to participate in FEEP for the semester I applied, do I need to reapply?

Yes. We do not carry applications forward so you need to apply for FEEP during the semester prior to when you plan to enroll.

Also, dropping FEEP should only occur in rare circumstances. Local educators make a significant commitment when they agree to mentor a FEEP student, so dropping the course creates issues with future placement requests. Therefore, we will not request a placement for you until you have registered for the course. Be aware that if you apply for FEEP then drop the course, you will not receive your priority placement when you apply again.

Can I change the credit option I selected (i.e., 3-credit or 5-credit) after having submitted the online application and/or registered for the course?

Yes. You will have to drop the credit option you initially registered for and then add the new credit option using the course code. Many students register for the five-credit course and then discover from their academic advisors that they only need to take the three-credit course, or vice versa. We recommend that you consult with your academic advisor prior to submitting the application.


What happens if I am not able to attend orientation?

Orientation attendance is mandatory for all students who have registered for the program. Lack of attendance will result in your dismissal from the program with the invitation to join us the following semester.

What happens if I have a personal, professional or family issue while taking FEEP?

If you have any issues during the semester, please contact a FEEP staff member. There are many resources available and we are here to support you. In some situations, we can provide direct support and in others we can provide information about appropriate resources and services. We cannot help you if you do not reach out to us, though, so please do not hesitate or wait.