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Teaching in Virtual Environments

Graduate Minor in Teaching in Virtual Environments

Earning a degree online is quickly becoming an alternative path to higher education.

As more and more students elect this route, colleges and universities need quality professors to teach courses.

When you elect the graduate minor in teaching in virtual environments at The College of Education and Human Ecology, we will prepare you to teach students online. You will learn the theories, technologies and methods needed to effectively and successfully provide a quality education and experience online.

Earning this minor will give you yet another value-added skill to help you provide students with a high-quality education at the college, university or adult education institution you serve.

What are the Benefits of Completing this Graduate Minor?

When you complete this program, you will have valuable skills sought by colleges, universities and adult education institutions.

You will be able to design and teach a course from your specific discipline online. You also will understand the social, economic, educational and political dimensions of how the Internet, and its tools, influence how we teach and how students learn.

You will have the first-hand experience of practicing different instructional strategies and technological tools to deliver an online course. With the guidance of a professional, you also will get experience instructing a class online.


    To earn your graduate minor in virtual environment teaching you will need to submit an application and successfully complete nine credit hours of required courses and three credit hours in an elective course.

    REQUIRED COURSES - (nine credit hours)

    • ESWDE 7701 Foundations of Distance Teaching and Learning (3 credit hours)
    • ESWDE 7277 Moving Online from the Traditional Classroom (3 credit hours)
    • ESWDE 7289 Practicum in Online Teaching (3 credit hours)

    ELECTIVE COURSES - (three credit hours) Choose one elective from the approved list.

    • ESWDE 5701 Teaching Adult Learners Online (3 credit hours)
    • ESETEC 6282 Introduction to Teaching Online for K12 Educators (3 credit hours)

    How to Apply

    The minor program is open to any graduate or professional student outside of the Department of Educational Studies at The Ohio State University.

    In conjunction with your advisor, you should determine the appropriateness of pursuing a graduate minor in virtual environment teaching and how best to incorporate it into your program of study. If you would like some additional guidance, contact Alisa Tate.

    The application process has two steps:

    1. Contact Alisa Tate in the Office of Student Services for an application form with course requirements.
    2. Email the completed application to or drop it off at: Ramseyer Hall room 122 or PAES Building Room A426


    GIS Teaching in Virtual Environments Coordinator

    Alisa Tate Program Coordinator
    Office of Student Services and Graduate Studies
    Department of Educational Studies
    122 Ramseyer Hall
    29 West Woodruff Avenue
    Columbus, Ohio 43210

    Phone: 614-688-4007