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Licensure Program for Principals - How to Apply

All students who want to pursue an administrative licensure program must complete an application for admission into the program. This follows guidelines required by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Applications to the Administrative Licensure Program can be completed in conjunction with an application to the Master's degree program or they can be completed in a separate process for those who already have a Master's degrees.

Questions? Contact the Educational Studies Student Services Office at 614-688-4007 or

Application Requirements

  1. Administrative Licensure Program for Principals Online Application
  2. Statement of Intent*
  3. Resume
  4. Three Letters of Recommendation (you must use the reference coversheet for licensure (PDF))
  5. Official, Sealed Transcripts from All Universities/Colleges Attended (except Ohio State)
  6. Copy of Standard Pupil Services License (Teaching, School Counseling, etc.)
  7. GRE Scores (required if combined cumulative undergrad GPA is below a 3.0 or if applying to the PhD program)
  8. IF you have previously enrolled as a degree seeking graduate student at Ohio State: Request for Transfer of Graduate Program Form (PDF) and a copy of your Application File from your previous academic department.

Statement of Intent

* Statements of Intent should be one to two pages in length and include items listed in the outline below:

  1. Autobiographical statement including educational and professional goals
  2. An expression of your beliefs about the capacity for all students to learn and achieve reasonable standards and your knowledge and appreciation of the following:
    • the role played by principals and/or superintendents
    • the influence schools have on society and culture, as well as how schools reflect the society in which they are situated
    • the role school personnel play as agents of change
    • the diversity and worth of students, families, communities, cultures, and background across all ethnic groups, genders, disabilities, and socioeconomic levels
    • the responsibility of school administrators to understand the authority of the school and the rights of students, faculty, and staff
  3. You should also address your willingness to:
    • use multiple data sources to drive decisions about student learning
    • study professional practices that impact student learning

View the curriculum for the Licensure Program for Principals

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