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I am a teacher with a bachelor's degree. I am not sure I want to be a school administrator.

Ohio State offers a number of master's degrees. Note that only the Master's Degree in Educational Administration is designed so that you can complete your administrative licensure coursework as part of the Master's Degree coursework. Also, most schools require an administrative license for all administrative positions, not just building principals, so if you are not sure whether or not you would like to be a principal, you may want to consider the master's degree in Educational Administration and licensure to keep more opportunities in P-12 open. The other programs below can serve as entryways to other careers and professional experiences related to education or can inform your work in the classroom.

To learn more about admissions requirements and courses of study for our master's degree program, licensure program, and endorsements, click the boxes below.

As you think long-term, consider Ohio State's doctoral programs as well. An EdD might also be an option if you know you plan to stay in P-12 but want to earn a doctoral level degree. Click the boxes below to learn more.

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