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Student Services Staff

From recruitment to graduation, our staff is here to support the needs of all Educational Studies graduate students. Our talented staff possesses detailed knowledge of processes and policies related to and important to Educational Studies graduate students. We also provide students with information regarding admissions, licenses, transfer of programs, registration, graduation and much more.

To contact us please send an e-mail to or call us at 614-688-4007.


Alisa Tate
Director of Student Services

Manages student services office and support staff needs. Serves as a lead recruiter, academic advisor, and liaison for the department for the Graduate School and other university entities.

Ian O’Donnell
Assistant Director of Recruitment and Enrollment

Leads departmental recruitment and outreach efforts to prospective students. Assists the student services staff with various administrative processes including graduation.


Carrie McDonald
Academic Program Coordinator

Supports faculty to create and manage Educational Studies academic courses and schedules space for special events and meetings.

Megan Tuttle
Admissions Specialist

Works with current and prospective students, faculty and staff to manage the application and admissions process for graduate degree programs in the Department of Educational Studies.

Brenson Zambarrano
Program Assistant

Provides a high level of administrative and program-level coordination, support, and customer service for the Office of Student Services in the Department of Educational Studies

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Ryan Provost
Graduate Career and Professional Development Coordinator

Provides customer service and office support for graduate students and programs in the Department of Educational Studies. Supports students through coordinating professional development and career opportunities.