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Graduate Associateships

Each year, Educational Studies awards a significant number of associateships for graduate teaching or graduate research.

These positions are highly competitive. We are able to provide associateships to many students who want them, but not all. Full-time doctoral students will be given priority.

Open positions are filled based on the knowledge and skills of the candidates. Supervising faculty and the department chair decide whom to hire for associateships.

Our application to apply for Graduate Associateship positions is now open. Please go to our GA Applications to apply for open positions. The deadline to apply for a GA position is January 2, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

Graduate Teaching Associate
Instruction of core concepts, ongoing evaluation of, and feedback to students on their performance; regularly scheduled office hours; and general administrative tasks of instructors (syllabus and exam preparation, submitting final grades, etc.); and other related duties as assigned. GAs are responsible for working during semester breaks unless released by their supervisors. Required duties include attendance at a three-day training program to become prepared to teach the course.

Graduate Research Associate
Collection, management, and analysis of research project data; provide support for the writing of grants and research projects; perform general project management tasks; provide clerical duties such as scheduling interviews and drafting letters for research projects; and other related duties as assigned. GAs are responsible for working during semester breaks unless released by their supervisors.

In general, students are contacted if they have been selected (as part of admission or other review) to interview for an opportunity.


Minimum eligibility requirements set by the Graduate School (section 9.1.4 of the Graduate School Handbook) are used to evaluate student applications for associateships. The Department of Educational Studies also requires students achieve the minimum GRE scores for college-funded positions. There are a few positions that are funded by other sources, and these minimums may not apply.

The Department of Educational Studies gives priority to PhD students for Graduate Associate funding. 

Minimum GRE Scores:

To receive college and/or department funding, the average of the two (Verbal and Quantitative) GRE percentiles is at the 50th percentile or above with neither percentile below the 35th percentile.

Positions funded by the College of Education and Human Ecology are generally limited to a maximum of four years per student. Students who need GA funding beyond a fourth year often are able to acquire funding through other resources (e.g., research grants, positions funded by other units, etc.). Availability of funding as well as a student’s performance and progress toward degree are all considered when evaluating continued employment as a Graduate Associate.

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