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Student Groups at a Glance

Association of Educational Psychology and Philosophy Scholars

The Association of Educational Psychology and Philosophy Students organizes academic and social events for students in the Educational Psychology and Philosophy of Education programs specifically and for the Educational Studies department more broadly. Academic events include panel discussions, professional development workshops, and guest speakers. Social events bring together students from the section and the department on campus, but also at national conferences, such as the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association.

National Organizations of Interest

Educational Studies Graduate Student Council

The Educational Studies Graduate Student Council was founded in 2013 by Christina Rouse, PhD, Special Education; Lauren Porter, PhD, QREM; Katy Zeneah, PhD, School Psychology; and Charley Eschenbrenner, PhD, School Psychology. The goal of this group is to bridge the gap between Educational Studies specializations and provide opportunities for students to share research, make connections, socialize, and be recognized.

Each of our 14 specializations is represented on the council. Members of the council were nominated by faculty. Its mission is to promote unity and build a tradition of leadership in specializations in the Department of Educational Studies.

Educational Studies Teaching Associates Support Group

The purpose of Educational Studies Teaching Associates is to advance the understanding and practice of the teaching abilities amongst the Graduate Associates within the Department of Educational Studies. Members of the group receive support, mentorship and encouragement from one another to foster a reflective community of educators.

Educational Technology Graduate Student Council

The Educational Technology Graduate Student Council was founded by three graduate students, Zhiru Sun, Lin Lu, and Andy Vogel in Educational Technology program in September 2014.

The goal of the group is to 1) promote academic and professional opportunities such as scholarship, grant, and professional development information; 2) provide opportunities for students to develop relationship with each other and the professionals in the field; 3) act as a communicator between this group and other student groups, clubs and teams in Department of Educational Studies and at the Ohio State University to disseminate updated news and opportunities; 4) Promote diversity among students, faculty, and staff in the Department of Education Studies.

National/International Organizations of Interest

EHE Graduate Student Advisory Council

The council meets monthly to discuss the betterment of the college and contributing to the overall success of students; providing feedback and voicing concerns impacting graduate students, promoting mutual respect among faculty, staff, and students; and supporting opportunities for graduate students to engage in networking, collaboration, and professional development experiences.

Higher Education Student Personnel Association

The Higher Education Student Personnel Association serves to support the needs of Master's and PhD students in the HESA program by providing scholarly and professional development, social experiences, wellness initiatives, and educational opportunities.

The purpose of this organization is to encourage the personal and professional development of all students interested in higher education and student affairs at The Ohio State University.

National Organizations of Interest

Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement (QREM) Student Organization

There are many purposes the QREM student group serves. First, our goal is to promote friendly relations between students in the QREM program. We hold meetings, events, and social activities to promote student integration and provide a support net-work for the academic success of the members. We disseminate information regarding the discipline and the QREM program and Ohio State University resources. And, we help new QREM students adjust to life in Columbus and the Ohio State University culture.

National Organizations of Interest

Student Affiliates in School Psychology - Ohio State Chapter

The Student Affiliates in School Pschology at Ohio State is a local chapter of the national parent organization under the American Psychological Association, Division 16. Our purpose is to foster professional growth and leadership in the students at Ohio State by providing opportunities to mentor fellow students and voice issues and concerns that affect the program's student body in an organized manner. The chapter also provides a means to maintain a connection with the rest of the university and to develop and maintain networking contacts in the field of school psychology.

National Organizations of Interest