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Teacher Education Policy and Leadership

The Masters and Doctoral programs in Teacher Education and Leadership in the Department of Educational Studies provide an in-depth study of teaching and teacher education with a focus on relationships between policy and practice. The goal is to prepare teacher leaders and teacher educators who are generalists in the field and knowledgeable about policy and leadership issues that apply across grade levels and academic disciplines. The program provides educational experiences that develop the generic competencies of teacher education, as found in its literature, research, theory, practice and policy.

Master and doctoral students experience foundational courses in policy, leadership and methods of research and evaluation, and a program concentration in teacher education policy and leadership that emphasizes systematic inquiry and reflection. Areas of specialization align with the Ohio Department of Education's Teacher Leaders Endorsement standards and the standards for Teacher Educators (developed by the Association of Teacher Educators) and address both the practice and scholarship of teaching and teacher education. This doctoral specialization prepares experienced practitioners as scholars, directors, and leaders in teacher preparation programs for work in practice, research and policy in colleges and universities, P-12 school districts, government and private agencies, and community organizations in local, national and global contexts.

Commitments to diversity, technology, and urban issues in teacher preparation are integral across the curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

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