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The Office of Educator Preparation (OEP) serves as the headquarters for data collection and analysis in the preparation of reports to both state and federal accreditation bodies. The data collected by the OEP is shared with the Unit, as well as each individual program, for continuous review (and improvement). These reviews ensure that our programs are aligned with professional standards, producing high-quality teachers and other K-12 professionals.

The following CAEP Annual Reporting Measures can be found in the corresponding locations for Ohio State’s Initial-Licensure and Advanced Programs:

Annual MeasureData LocationInitial Licensure PortionAdvanced Program Portion
1. Impact on P-12 learningOhio Educator Preparation Performance Report
  • Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) results
  • Value Added data
2. Teaching EffectivenessOhio Educator Preparation Performance Report
  • Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) results
3. Satisfaction of employers & milestonesOhio Educator Preparation Performance Report
  • Employer Perceptions survey
  • Persistence in Teacher Residency Program
  • Value-Added data by building type
  • Principal Mentor Survey results
4. Satisfaction of completersOhio Educator Preparation Performance Report
  • Pre-Service Teacher Survey results
  • Resident Educator Survey results
  • Principal Intern Survey results
5. Completion ratesOhio Educator Preparation Performance Report
  • Percent of teacher candidates who satisfactorily completed student teaching
  • Percent of principal candidates who satisfactorily completed internship
6. Ability to meet license requirements

Ohio Educator Preparation Performance Report

Title II Institutiona Pass Rate Data

  • Licensure Examination Pass Rates
  • Title II Institutiona Pass Rate Data
  • Principal Licensure Examination Pass Rates
7. Ability to be hiredLicensure rates  
8. Consumer InfoLoan default rates
  • Loan default rates

June 2018