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Workshop: Accessiblity in Carmen

Event Information

Increasing Accessibility in CarmenCanvas
145 PAES, 305 John and Annie Glenn Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43210
Tuesday, Sep. 03, 2019
1-2 p.m.

Assuring CarmenCanvas courses are accessible to all learners can be challenging. Yet small changes, such as using headers and describing images, allow students to fully engage with the course. In this workshop, instructors will gain the skills needed to make their course content, images, and links more accessible in CarmenCanvas. 

The workshop is structured as a flipped experience. Prior to the workshop, participants will watch a short video on how to make a course more accessible. The workshop's in-person portion will then be devoted to applying the design strategies learned in the video. Participants will revise a course or courses in CarmenCanvas, and the workshop leader will be present to answer questions and offer assistance. Anyone unable to attend the in-person workshop may still watch the video and make changes to courses on their own time.