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Job Searching During COVID-19

Event Information

Wednesday, Sep. 30, 2020
Event Speaker: 
Kristine Knisley, EHE Alumna and Single Wick Merchant, Bed & Body Works

Learn to market yourself in this difficult economy. We will explore the importance of job search networking and creativity; being articulate in describing your skills, experiences and traits; and the importance of patience and flexibility during your search.

This event is free to EHE students and alumni.


Kristine Knisely

Kristine Knisley, Single Wick Merchant, Bath & Body Works

Kristine has nine years of experience in the retail industry. Currently she is Single Wick Merchant at Bath & Body Works. An EHE alumnae, she studied fashion merchandising. Kristine is passionate about networking and making connections from the classroom to one’s career.