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Revitalize teaching transform learning

Teaching and Learning Summer Institute & Conference

Event Information

Teaching and Learning Summer Institute & Conference for Teachers
Metro High School / Ramseyer Hall
Monday, Jun. 11, 2018 to Tuesday, Jul. 03, 2018

The four-week Summer Institute, including a two-day conference for teachers, is designed to revitalize teaching and transform learning. The institute is developed by professors and practitioner-experts at The Ohio State University.


Why take courses at the Summer Institute for Teachers?

June 11
to July 3

  • These innovative, practical courses are designed with professional teachers and administrators in mind.
  • Rethink and revitalize your teaching through courses developed by Department of Teaching and Learning faculty designed to transform learning by engaging students with innovative approaches
  • Complete three-credit courses in only five days
  • Courses count toward a Master of Arts degree
  • Course instructors are also leaders in the two-day conference, an integral part of the Institute
  • Free parking

Accelerated Course Offerings

  • Four, 5-day courses offered
  • Two are Reading Endorsement courses
  • Three credits each. One additional credit available for attending conference
  • Courses apply toward MA degree. Specializations available. New integrated studies specialization allows you to tailor a degree to your needs, in consultation with an adviser

3 credits (Reading Endorsement course)
Instructor: Brian Edmiston
June 11-19
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Metro High School - free parking

Join us if you’re ready to:

  • Have fun exploring complex ideas with young people
  • Be rigorous in ways that makes sense to students and you’re tired of teaching to the test
  • Try out active and dramatic approaches that will engage readers of any age in literacy learning

3 credits
Instructor: Patricia Enciso
June 20-26
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Metro High School - free parking

Read award-winning contemporary literature in new ways to help students engage thoughtfully and powerfully with controversy and inequality. This practice-based course introduces innovative ways to set up dialogue about racism, in particular, and other forms of oppression in the United States. You will learn specific approaches for engagement including drama, visual representations, poetic reading, and inquiry. We will look at books thematically, focusing on how oppression and resilience are formed in school settings, home, in communities, medical and judicial systems, and other places of social interaction. Let’s read deeply and transform our teaching.


3 credits
Instructor: Mindi Rhoades
June 27 to July 3
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Art Studio in [AR1] Ramseyer Hall, The Ohio State University - free parking at GEMS School (140 E. 16th Avenue)

Come and play a while! Stretch—or start developing—your creative muscles! This course is an arts-based collaborative and individual exploration of creativity, multimodality, and meaning-making. We will explore using a range of materials for meaning-making including traditional arts media (painting, drawing, sculpting, music, movement), digital media (photography, video, digital art apps), natural media (dirt, leaves, rocks, mud), and non-traditional media (shaving cream, cardboard, crayons, aluminum foil, tape). This course will challenge and surprise you. It will spark and support your personal development and inform your pedagogical and curricular skills and practices, as well as your own creative and artistic efforts. No previous artistic training, experience, or skill required (though artists and creative folks are welcome, too).


Why attend the Summer Institute Conference for Teachers?


8:30 a.m. – Check-in & Breakfast  |  9 a.m. – Opening  |  4 p.m. – Close

  • Keynote address by award-winning teacher, Linda Christensen, author of Rethinking Schools: Finding Joy and Justice in the Classroom
  • Revitalize your teaching through workshop presentations by leaders in the field and practical workshops led by innovative teachers and local artists working with faculty
  • Learn about courses offered that may be taken as part of a master's program tailored to your needs, in consultation with an adviser
  • Network with teachers, administrators and other colleagues
  • Very affordable, and can gain CEU credit
  • Breakfast and lunch included


$100  |  2-day conference-only rate

$75  |  1-day conference-only rate

FREE  |  Included with Summer Institute enrollment

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Linda Christensen, Keynote - Rethinking Schools: Finding Joy and Justice in the Classroom

​​​In her keynote, Linda will draw on her 40 years as a classroom teacher and director of the Oregon Writing Project in Portland, Oregon, to talk about why it is important to teach for joy and justice. Using stories and examples from her own classroom, she will describe ways she has grounded the curriculum while encouraging them to reflect on how to make a difference in the world around them. She will demonstrate how educators can value the cultures of historically oppressed groups while teaching them how to access the language and tools of power.