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Ungrading at Ohio State

Event Information

260 Ramseyer Hall, 29 W. Woodruff Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43210
Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019
10-11:30 a.m.

Grades are problematic. What does a B- communicate to a student? How does a 91.25 help student and teacher alike understand what the student learned? And if one of our goals as educators is to spark our students’ curiosity and creativity, how do grades threaten that goal? Despite a mounting body of evidence documenting the troubles with traditional grading, many teachers and education systems still use grades to measure student learning. However, faculty and graduate students at Ohio State have joined a larger ungrading movement to challenge traditional grading.

Join two faculty members and three graduate students for a panel discussion on ungrading. Panelists will explore why they ungrade and what ungrading looks like in their classes. Following the panel, audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions as well as pose instructional challenges for the group to address.

The panelists are Dr. Mindi Rhoades and Dr. Tami Augustine, faculty members in the College of Education and Human Ecology; Jim O’Donnell, a PhD candidate in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy; and Gavin P. Johnson and Nicole Pizarro, PhD candidates in the Department of English. The conversation will be facilitated by Charles Logan, the educational technologist in the College of Education and Human Ecology.