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Workforce Development: Human Resource Issues

Event Information

Human Resource Issues 2019 - An Employer Discussion
145 PAES, 305 John and Annie Glenn Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43210
Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019
4:30-6:30 p.m.

This seminar will feature four panelists from the manufacturing, health care, hospitality and public information sectors. Each will provide background information, and discuss workplace issues and activities within their respective organizations, and will address questions from the audience. This seminar is part of the courses ES WDE 5624 Foundations of Workforce Development and ES WDE 7757 Aspects of Human Resource Development, but is open to any undergraduate or graduate student interested in employment and workplace issues.


Scott McLemore, manager, talent acquisition and deployment, Honda of America, Marysville, Ohio
Roger Whitacre, training analyst, OCLC, Columbus, Ohio
Mary Faust, human resources manager, Hilton Easton, Columbus, Ohio
Mary Francis McLaughlin, director of talent management, Mount Carmel Health System, Columbus, Ohio


Sponsored by Ohio State's Eta Chapter of Omicron Tau Theta. Refreshments provided.

Questions? Contact Chris Zirkle, associate professor of workforce development and education