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Fashion and Retail Studies Minor

The minor is designed to enhance understanding of merchandising of fashion products to meet the needs of consumers and retail industries. There are three learning goals for the minor:

  1. Students will acquire fundamental knowledge of the fashion and retail industries.
  2. Students will solve problems creatively in consumer and industry related settings.
  3. Students will develop communication skills in individual and group settings.

What Courses Might I Take?

Review the list of PDF iconapproved courses applicable to the Fashion and Retail Studies minor.

Why Choose This Program?

The Fashion and Retail Studies minor examines the fashion industry including apparel mediums and focuses on production as well as why and how people use apparel. Emphasis is placed on product knowledge—performance characteristics, selection criteria, and design principles and trends; process skills—consumer behavior and business practices; and communication—visualization and interpretation.

How Can I Learn More?

Although a minor is not required for all students, some students choose to add a minor to complement their degree program. Students can declare some minors by meeting with the College of Education and Human Ecology Academic Program Coordinator, while others require permission from the department offering the minor. Students must declare their minor at least by the time the graduation application is submitted. Early declaration is highly encouraged. Once the minor program is filed in the college office, any changes must be approved. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Student Services for details.

The College of Arts and Sciences maintains a list of minors available at The Ohio State University. Please review the information listed there for the minor you are interested in and follow the stated procedures to declare this minor.

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