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Minor in Human Development and Family Science

A minor in Human Development and Family Science can be a great compliment to any degree program. It is particularly beneficial for students who plan to work with children, families and/or individuals in helping roles. The minor allows students to delve into how humans develop across the lifespan and to understand individuals in the context of the family environment.

To declare a minor in HDFS, you must first schedule a meeting with an advisor in EHE by calling 614-292-9261. At this meeting, you will learn about the minor and approve your minor program form. Once approved, you must file the form with your college or school office.

Get complete details about our minor program requirements.

Other Minor Programs

Although a minor is not required for HDFS students, some students choose to add a minor to complement their degree program. While some minors can be declared simply by meeting with the Human Ecology Academic Program Coordinator (call 614.292.9261 for an appointment), others require that permission first be secured from the department offering the minor. The College of Arts and Sciences maintains a list of more than 100 minors available at Ohio State. Please review the information listed there for the minor you are interested in and follow the stated procedures to declare this minor.