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In Ohio State's Kinesiology program, you have many options available as you study the mechanics of body movement.

Whether you are searching for a career in exercise science, physical education or sport management, you will learn from renowned faculty passionate about developing the next kinesiology professionals and scholars.

The Ohio State kinesiology program is the sixth best among US universities and will train you to show society the value of sport, physical activity and physical education. Particular focus in these programs is placed on:

  • obesity prevention
  • health and wellness throughout life
  • physical education in school
  • sport's cultural and historical contexts
  • the business of athletics
  • promoting regular participation in physical activity
  • educational programs for lifelong health
Your Studies in Focus

Health and Exercise Science prepares you to educate the public how to enhance physical activity and health behaviors to prevent and treat chronic disease, influence others to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles and improve sport and exercise performance.

Physical Education teaches you the skills and best practices to educate and train youth to develop and maintain healthy and active lifestyles.

Sport Management trains you for careers in the highly competitive sport industry as you learn how keep sports and physical activities organizations successful.

As the 15th largest city in the United States, Ohio State's Columbus campus offers you numerous opportunities to see and work in the kinesiology field. Within a two-hour drive there are seven universities with athletic departments, more than 20 professional sports teams within a two-hour drive, three major hospital systems and numerous sports and recreation programs.

The challenging and exciting career options in kinesiology are only limited by your imagination. Finding your path at Ohio State starts by exploring our degree options.

Degree Programs

Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology, Health and Exercise Science

Choose to specialize in exercise physiology or health and physical activity behavior as you train to become an expert researcher in your field.

Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology, Physical Education

Ohio State's nationally acclaimed doctorate program in physical education will teach you the skills and know-how to advance the study of physical education.

Doctor of Education in Kinesiology, Physical Education

Our doctor of education in physical education will equip you with the evidence-based best practices to educate pre-service teachers to improve the lives of children and youth through physical education

Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology, Sport Management

Be among the best minds in the field. Our prestigious sport management program is where you can thrive and pursue the research that interests you.

Master of Science in Kinesiology, Health and Exercise Science

Expand you knowledge and broaden your clinical skills in exercise physiology or health and physical activity behavior.

Master of Science in Kinesiology, Physical Education

The knowledge you gain in our master's program will help you be effective in improving the lives of children and youth through physical activity.

Master of Science in Kinesiology, Sport Management

Get the skills that will put you in leadership roles and keep sports and physical activities organizations successful.

Master of Sports Coaching

This one-of-a-kind degree provides experienced and motivated coaches with the skills to make critical decisions and maintain high ethical standards while training and motivating youth and adult athletes to perform at their very best.

Bachelor of Science in Education, Exercise Science Education

Learn how health and performance are affected by exercise, participate in research and get a first-rate education from today's leading exercise physiologists and physical activity behavior researchers.

Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, Nutrition and Exercise Science

Prepare for a career in promoting health with content expertise in nutrition and exercise science. Studies in this area qualify you to sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist exam and is preparation for graduate studies in health behavior, physical therapy and medicine.

Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity

Combine your love of physical activity and building relationships with our teacher licensure or physical activity specialist programs.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Industry

Majoring in sport industry prepares students to thrive in the vibrant, diverse and compelling world of sport and recreation.

Other Programs

Coaching Education Minor

Learn how to effectively coach and administer youth and adolescent sports programs with this minor.

Health Education Licensure

This program allows school teachers or teachers-in-training to add a health education credential to their teaching license.

Physical Activity Specialist Minor

Get valuable internship experience and hands-on training working with youth in physical activity settings as you learn about a variety of important topics in this minor.