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Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, Nutrition and Exercise Science

With a bachelor's degree in health promotion, nutrition and exercise science from Ohio State, you will possess the skills and knowledge to educate individuals, families and communities how to implement strategies to maintain healthy behaviors.

By studying both Exercise Science and Nutrition, I was able to learn how I could be more efficient with my exercise, yet yield greater results by understanding what I was putting into my body. The HPNES program allowed me to appreciate that an individual's health is not limited to just ones eating habits or their exercise regimen, rather knowing how these two areas relate and by having one's exercise and nutrition in-sync, you can tremendously improve your overall health, well-being and quality of life. -- Andrew Lutz, BS, 2015


Health Promotion, Nutrition and Exercise Science (HPNES) is a joint undergraduate major between Human Nutrition and Kinesiology in the Department of Human Sciences. It is a flexible, rigorous and exciting major that provides you the skills necessary to educate individuals, groups and communities on issues related to all aspects of health promotion, with emphasis on nutrition and/or physical activity.

Our bachelor's program will prepare you for a career in the growing health and wellness industry. During the next decade, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that careers in health education will grow nearly twice as fast as other occupations by 2024. HPNES graduates will be competitive for these jobs and contribute significantly to promoting health and wellness in the United States and beyond.

Students who complete this major also may be qualified to sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) examination and may qualify for the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM) certification.

In addition, with the selection of appropriate coursework and/or electives, graduates will have the required background to apply to a variety of graduate programs (occupational/ physical therapy, nutrition, and exercise science) leading to advanced degrees.

Career Paths

Upon graduation students may pursue careers within healthcare facilities, non-profit/public health organizations, academic/government institutions or private industry. Depending on completed coursework, students may also seek a variety of advanced degrees related to health and wellness.


Prerequisites/Pre-major Requirements: 
Minimum 2.75 GPA; 15 Ohio State credit hours; C- or higher in English 1110; Math 1148; Biology 1113; Chemistry 1210 and 1220;
Minimum Program Hours: 

Coursework: Nutrition, health behavior theory, health program planning and evaluation, kinesiology, nutrition and physical performance, changing behaviors
Degree requirements: University requirements (52-54 hours), science requirements (10-13 hours), major requirements (46-52 hours), electives (9-15 hours)

Major application is due the second Friday of each semester. The college's advising team emails application 3-4 weeks prior to deadline.

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Joshua Bomser, PhD, Associate Professor
Rick Petosa, PhD, Professor


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