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Bachelor of Science in Education, Sport Industry

The world of sport and recreation is vibrant, diverse and compelling. Majoring in sport industry prepares students to thrive within it. On the field, on the sidelines or behind the scenes, sport industry majors are prepared for a lifetime of contribution to sport and recreation.


Sport industry is an interdisciplinary undergraduate major exploring the ways sport, recreation, and exercise are connected to and embedded in the larger culture.

When you major in sport industry, you'll investigate:

  • sport's historical context and development;
  • its ethical underpinnings;
  • its relationship to the worlds of business, management, promotion, mass media and public policy; and
  • its multiple intersections with race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social class and popular culture.

Sport industry prepares you for administrative, leadership and management positions in sports, or for graduate programs in sport management, sport humanities, sport law and related fields.

As you advance through your studies in sport industry you will:

  • obtain skills necessary to function successfully in the sport industry, including those related to programming, leadership, marketing, sports law, promotion and management;
  • gain practical work experience in the industry via internships;
  • examine the social, cultural, historical, ethical, legal and economic contexts in which the sport industry is situated; and
  • be academically prepared and trained to undertake research on issues pertaining to the sport industry, and potentially, to succeed at the graduate level in sport management, sport studies and related fields.

Additionally, you will learn the theory and practice necessary for success in the business of sport, recreation and exercise. You'll examine the social theories and analytical lenses through which scholars have studied the sport industry, explore the varied meanings that individuals and groups bring to sport, investigate the structure of the world of sport past and present and study the ways sport has helped contour the larger culture.

Your sport industry education at Ohio State will provide you the practical skills and professional training that will enhance your lifetime experiences in an industry and a culture which grows more complex, interesting and diverse each day.

Career Paths

Graduates are well prepared for supervisory, administrative and leadership positions in the sport industry. These include:

  • Athletic administration
  • Coaching
  • Community recreation and youth sport
  • Sport communications and public information
  • Public Health
  • Fitness training
  • Sport marketing
  • Professional sports franchises and facilities

Students also will be ready to tackle the rigors of graduate programs in sport management, sport humanities, sport law and other related fields.

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Prerequisites/Pre-major Requirements: 
Minimum 2.75 GPA, 12 OSU semester hours
Minimum Program Hours: 

Coursework: Intro to sport industry, sport marketing, social values, leadership, research
Course requirements: University requirements (46-50 hours), major requirements (42 hours), electives (27-31 hours)
Academic opportunities: Internships, study abroad

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Kwame Agyemang, PhD, Associate Professor
Marc Horger, PhD, Senior Lecturer
Leeann Lower-Hoppe, PhD, Assistant Professor
Donna L. Pastore, PhD, Professor
Brian A. Turner, PhD, Professor
Melissa C. Wiser, PhD, Senior Lecturer


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