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Graduate Student Professional Travel Awards

The Department of Human Sciences offers matching Graduate Student Professional Travel Awards of $250 for graduate students who present original research at professional meetings related to their area of study.


  • Provide a significant professional development experience to Human Sciences graduate students
  • Encourage graduate students to share their research within the academic community
  • Recognize outstanding graduate student scholarship 
  • Facilitate exchange between students, faculty, administration and the public


  • Graduate students actively seeking a degree in the Department of Human Sciences and advised by a department faculty member may apply for department funds one time per academic year (autumn, spring or summer semester). 
  • Must be a presenter at a professional meeting or conference (applicant’s paper must have been accepted prior to completing application and name must appear in the acceptance document). 
  • A match of at least $250 from a faculty advisor or mentor is required. The award is not intended to support discussants or respondents. 
  • In return for travel support, the recipient agrees to acknowledge the support of the Department of Human Sciences in a footnote on the conference paper and/or on a title page of their presentation.


  • To ensure funds are available prior to travel, please submit completed application by the third Monday of the month before departure. 


Requests for travel support must be submitted prior to event to be considered. After the fact applications will be denied.

The application must include the following information, and uploaded documents must be in PDF format:

  • The title of the paper, and conference details (name, location, dates held, and how it relates to the area of study)
  • Evidence that the paper is included on the program and that the applicant is a presenter
  • Summary of expected travel expenditures (e.g. registration, transportation, hotel accommodations, etc.)
  • Letter of support from the advisor indicating their agreement of at least equal matching support and funding source
  • Financial support from any other university office, indicating the amount and funding source

Applicants will be notified via e-mail of acceptance or denial of their request for support.

To comply with federal regulations, the travel award is issued by the Office of Student Financial Aid, and is reflected as a “refund” on applicant’s student account.

Questions: contact June Sprowls.