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OSU Students

EHE students at OSU engage in international scholarship on campus and around the world!

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Global Option for study at home

The Global Option is a series of undergraduate courses and experiences which can be incorporated into most EHE programs of study at any of our five campuses. Bu selecting courses and experiences that have an international focus within the existing program offerings students can add a recognition on their transcript that recognizes their global experiences. Talk to your undergraduate program advisor or click here to learn more.

Study Abroad and student support for study overseas

OSU offers study abroad experiences throughout the year, especially between May and August. Experiences include study abroad experiences operated by other institutions, internship experiences, OSU study abroad courses offered by other Ohio State colleges or campuses, and EHE study abroad courses. EHE students are eligible to enroll in any of the experiences and can seek funding support for these experiences.

Learn more about study abroad courses.

Learn about EHE's study abroad offerings.

Study Abroad Financial Support

There are FOUR different financial supports for Study Abroad and three of these are offered by the College of Education and Human Ecology.

  1. Some EHE Study Abroad courses receive a discount on the total cost of the course. This discount is built directly into the advertised course cost.
  2. Students can apply for financial support through application to EHE International Programs. We estimate completion of your application will take less than one hour. Financial Support Procedure
  3. Additional scholarships are available from EHE through the Office of Scholarships and Student Enrichment.
  4. EHE students proposing research abroad may be eligible for a scholarship from the Office of Research.

Regional campus EHE students may be eligible for funds from his or her campus.

Non-OSU Funding Opportunities

East-West Center (EWC), Honolulu, Hawaii USA
For fifty-five years, East-West Center (EWC) student participants have developed lifelong relationships and a powerful sense of community with others who share an interest in and commitment to the Asia Pacific region.
Opportunities for Study and Scholarships