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EHE Summer 2012 Dean's List

EHE News
August 17, 2012

The College of Education and Human Ecology attracts the brightest and best undergraduates to our programs. Their outstanding ability is reflected in the Summer 2012 Dean's List, which includes students whose average grade point was 3.5 and above on 12 credit hours. We are proud to share their success with you.

Pre-Early and Middle Childhood Education

Amanda Richards
Djuana Sayers

Jacquelyn Smith
Carey Watkins



Exercise Science Education

Jessica Dicke
Kathryn Kennedy
Katherine Kraemer

Edward Liggett
Rebecca Lightfoot
Shayna Moratt

Louis Woody
Brittany Thomas


Pre Consumer & Family Financial Services

Jonathan Reeves




Human Development and Family Science

Shalaya Brown
Laura Griggs
Jaslyn Leech
Toni-Ann McLean
Ashley Neher
Amy Sherer

Jacquelyn Taubman
Rebecca Troyer
Nina Zadnik
Stephanie Force
Chelsea Neeley
Rose Rivers

Cassie Seriani
Kristin Skolosh
Kelsey Spahr
Alyssa Stano
Shailyn Thurston
Carley Weng


Pre-Human Development and Family Science

Gino Andreano
Shanieka Banks

Ludia Dorelien
Jerry Rowlands

Stephanie Jorgensen
Sharayna Oree


Human Nutrition

Dylan Bair

Patrick McSweeney

Aamina Tashfeen



Michael Carge

Grace Amponsah



Pre-Physical Education

Andrew Stash




Special Education

Leslie Stoshak




Pre-Special Education

Catherine Rice




Sport and Leisure Studies

Dustin Kuhn

Brandon Schwartz



Technical Education and Training

Jennifer Schroeder

Michael Theis



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