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Nominate an EHE alumni for the 2019 Hall of Fame and Alumni Awards

EHE News
June 18, 2018

Education and Human Ecology alumni make amazing things happen around the world. Their accomplishments significantly benefit both society and our university, advancing the common good and inspiring others to address challenges with insight and creativity. Their actions show the excellence of an Ohio State education and the importance of service in the Buckeye philosophy. To celebrate the accomplishments of our alumni, we need your help!

Nominations for the 2019 EHE Hall of Fame and Alumni Awards will be accepted for the following awards. Please read each description carefully to determine if your candidate is qualified and should be considered.

The New Leader Award: Granted to EHE alumni, age 36 or younger at time of nomination, for significant professional accomplishments or service to the college.

The Meritorious Service Award: Presented to alumni for dedicated service to the College of Education and Human Ecology and/or The Ohio State University. Nominees must have supported the college/university by: making considerable commitment in terms of time, effort or service; assisting through creative, innovative input; and/or making significant financial contributions.

The Career Achievement Award: Honors EHE alumni who have proven records of career accomplishments and have made outstanding contributions to their professions.

The Award of Distinction: Presented to alumni who have achieved distinction in their field of endeavor for making a difference in the lives of others through outstanding professional, personal or community contributions.

Hall of Fame: Induction is the highest honor the college bestows. Nominees must have made significant contributions to education and human ecology as models for all others in their fields. They have distinguished themselves nationally or internationally making positive contribution to society and bringing extraordinary credit to The Ohio State University. They must be former college faculty members, administrators or graduates from an education or human ecology program.

Please review the criteria and eligibility requirements for each award prior to submitting a nomination. The 2019 Hall of Fame and Alumni Awards nomination form can be completed online. If you prefer paper submissions or have additional questions, please contact Sean Thompson or 614-688-5392.


Self-nominations will be accepted; however, preference may be given to individuals who were nominated. To be eligible for the award, nominations must include all required information and documentation. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Nominations submitted by January 31, 2019 will be considered for the 2019 College of Education and Human Ecology Hall of Fame and Alumni Awards.


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