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RMC announces first annual Interdisciplinary Methods Festival

EHE Office of Research
May 23, 2017

This summer, the Research Methodology Center (RMC) is hosting our first annual Interdisciplinary Methods Festival at the Research Commons in the 18th Avenue Library. This unique event will bring together Ohio State faculty, researchers and graduate students with a variety of methodological expertise and interests. They will showcase their work, foster the exploration and learning of methodologies from multiple disciplinary perspectives and provide opportunities for the creation of networks and teams engaged in interdisciplinary research and research methods.

A sampling of topics to date include agent-based modeling, data mining, data visualization, automatic item-generation, cost-analysis methods, reproducibility and rigor, issues on testing measurement invariance, simulation methods, quantile regression, novel approaches to collecting data and measuring program outcomes, and software workshops on R, STATA and Mplus to name a few.

In addition to methodological talks and workshops throughout the week, the festival will include chances to interact and build your network. For folks who like to mix it up, we will have mini TED talks, innovative learning opportunities and an interactive poster session for graduate students.

What could be better than a summer methods festival on your own home turf? Learn something new, expand your methodology network and boost your expertise in research and methodology. We hope you’ll Join the Movement!


The RMC’s new Next Step Consulting services will specialize in an incremental consulting model that focuses on scaffolding client capacity. This learner-centered model will focus on identification of the client’s current capacities and questions. The product for each session will be an individualized activity-based learning plan, with one-month goals established to guide the client through next steps.

RMC provides scheduled appointments and drop-in hours for methodological consulting related to qualitative, quantitative or mixed-methods research. As of Wednesday, April 12, our drop-in hours will be on Wednesdays from 10:30AM to 12:30PM in the Research Commons, 18th Avenue Library.

We hope that our new, more central campus location will improve access to our services to all in EHE! To make an appointment, please email us at


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The RMC’s mission is to advance the design and conduct of high-quality research in education and human ecology, thus promoting the well-being and development of children, adults, families, communities and schools.


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