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RMC Will Offer Grants-Only Consulting Sessions

EHE Office of Research
October 10, 2017

Since we opened our doors in 2015, EHE’s Research Methodology Center (RMC) has provided consulting services on a broad variety of issues related to research methodology. Through our work we have found that grant-writing clients face special challenges, including tight timeframes, budget constraints and pressure to use rigorous and innovative methods in sampling, recruitment, intervention, fidelity, data collection/management and analysis.

Time seems always to be in short supply for those preparing proposals. In some cases, funders announce funding opportunities shortly before the due date and don’t leave investigators much time to develop their proposals. In other cases, clients spend a great deal of time working through the background and significance of their proposal before getting started on the research plan. In some ways, this makes sense because we all know the importance of the impact and significance sections for any proposal. 

Blair Johnson, professor of psychology from the University of Connecticut, cautions researchers against regarding the research plan as an afterthought in the grant-writing process (Johnson, nd). Johnson emphasizes that a rigorous, well-written methods section can inspire confidence in those who review your CONTACT US Research Methodology Center 173 Arps Hall proposal. Conversely, a poorly written research plan can cast doubts on the researcher’s ability to successfully conduct the proposed project. 

So when should you contact the RMC to get started on your research plan? Ann O’Connell, director of the RMC, suggests that you get in touch with a consultant early and often throughout the process of grant-writing. She states, “Regular and iterative review of the flow of your proposal, from specific aims/goals through approach/methods is the ideal way to ensure that your final proposal is strong and compelling when it is submitted.”

What can the RMC do to help? Beginning this semester, the RMC will offer GrantsOnly Consulting sessions beginning on Tuesday, September 19, from 1:00 - 3:00PM in 136 Ramseyer. These two-hour sessions are open to graduate students and faculty who are currently working on a grant proposal. The focus of the sessions will be to meet you where you are in the process of writing your research plan, and provide resources and consultation to help you keep moving in the process. 

Contact us at with questions, comments or suggestions. 

References: Johnson, B. A. (n.d.). Approach-Methods: Not just an afterthought.  


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