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Grading Policy Changes for Autumn 2020

As students are experiencing disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the dean of the College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE) has embraced the university’s call for immediate action to be empathetic to students’ circumstances while maintaining program integrity and ensuring all students learn.

In conjunction with University Senate recommendations, college faculty, from all three departments, have come to consensus and have eagerly risen to the occasion, by being as flexible as possible by making the following recommendations aimed at easing student burden.

  • We are extending the deadline to November 20, 2020 for all students to declare Pass/No Pass (PA/NP) for AU20 courses; requests for first session courses are due October 2, 2020;
  • EHE students may choose one or more Autumn 2020 courses as PA/NP;
  • PA/NP classes provide credits toward graduation, but they do not factor into a student’s grade-point average
  • EHE undergraduate students may elect PA/NP to apply to general education (GE), elective, minor, and major courses with a “D” threshold to pass, with some exceptions;
  • Courses taken PA/NP during AU20 semester will count toward the limit of 20 credit hours that each student may take as PA/NP during their undergraduate career. (Courses taken PA/NP in SP20 are excluded from this rule.)
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or higher at the time of submitting the PA/NP request;
  • PA/NP credit hours in AU20 will not count toward the 60 Ohio State credits required for Latin honors at graduation. (Courses taken as PA/NP in SP20 are eligible to count toward the 60-hour requirement.)
  • To qualify for the Dean’s List, students must be registered for 12 or more credits, with at least nine A-D graded hours and a 3.5 term GPA. Any grade of U, E, EN, or NP will disqualify you from making the Dean's List, even if you meet the 3.5 criteria;
  • The university Office of Academic Affairs has more general info on PA/NP

In the best interest of our students, EHE has identified courses that are ineligible for the PA/NP option. These ineligible courses are linked to requirements for accreditation, state and national level licensure and endorsements, and are not eligible for grading scheme modifications. These courses will remain graded with the A-E grading scale. The ineligible course list is found below.

Students also should take into consideration GPA requirements needed in applying to a competitive major or for a subsection of coursework (e.g. content courses for education majors). If you choose to take a course PA/NP, while a PA grade will not hurt your GPA, it will not help it either.

Students considering pursuing graduate school, medical school, law school, or other professional programs should consider how PA grades may appear to faculty reviewing their academic transcripts in the future. While several schools accepted PA grades for SP20, many schools will not accept PA grades in later semesters. It is important to check with your intended graduate program to confirm their policy. When in doubt, it would likely be in your best interest to take an A-E grade for any particular course.

Students should consult with their academic advisor with questions or concerns about the PA/NP option prior to submitting their PA/NP request via Buckeyelink. Please note the PA/NP request form can only be submitted ONCE, so once submitted, no changes will be made to your request (this includes trying to add or subtract courses or if you changed your mind about your request). PA/NP submissions are final.


What to consider when thinking about PA/NP

  • Consulting with your academic advisor via appointment or utilizing Express Advising
  • Undergraduate majors with competitive admissions processes or GPA minimums will still require the minimum GPA to enter the major
  • If you change your major in the future, that program may not accept PA courses in the prerequisites for their programs
  • Once a course has been changed to PA/NP, it cannot be converted back to a letter grade.
  • Courses graded S/U cannot be converted to PA/NP; S/U is a course grading option while PA/NP is a student-elected option.


Ineligible Courses for Pass/No Pass Option

The majors below have a list of courses ineligible to use for PA/NP for AU20.

Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education/Visual Impairment
Middle Childhood Education
Integrated Language Arts
World Language Education
STEM Education
Child and Youth Studies

EDUTL 3189
EDUTL 3356
EDUTL 4189 (all)
EDUTL 5005
EDUTL 5102
EDUTL 5108
EDUTL 5123
EDUTL 5129
EDUTL 5137
EDUTL 5189 (all)
EDUTL 5191 (all)
EDUTL 5220
EDUTL 5225
EDUTL 5226
EDUTL 5230
EDUTL 5270
EDUTL 5275
EDUTL 5280
EDUTL 5281
EDUTL 5282
EDUTL 5283
EDUTL 5284
EDUTL 5339
EDUTL 5341
EDUTL 5345
EDUTL 5346
EDUTL 5365
EDUTL 5370
EDUTL 5442
EDUTL 5453
EDUTL 5468
EDUTL 5469
EDUTL 5470
EDUTL 5471
EDUTL 5501
EDUTL 5505
EDUTL 5506
EDUTL 5507
EDUTL 5508
EDUTL 5510
EDUTL 5525
EDUTL 5557
EDUTL 5610
EDUTL 5612
EDUTL 5613
EDUTL 5614
EDUTL 5615
EDUTL 5620
EDUTL 5630
EDUTL 5640
EDUTL 5645
EDUTL 5711
EDUTL 5712
EDUTL 5721
EDUTL 5722
EDUTL 5741
EDUTL 5744
EDUTL 5745
EDUTL 5808
EDUTL 5809
EDUTL 6050
EDUTL 6052
EDUTL 6301
EDUTL 6303
EDUTL 6530
EDUTL 6645
EDUTL 6808
EDUTL 7316
EDUTL 7348
EDUTL 7365
EDUTL 7427
EDUTL 7428
EDUTL 7429
EDUTL 7645
EDUTL 7701
EDUTL 7702
EDUTL 7705
EDUTL 7711
EDUTL 7712
EDUTL 7713
EDUTL 7719

Special Education
No major courses and no GE prerequisite courses taken for admission to the major can be used for PA/NP. Ineligible GE prerequisite courses are:

MATH 1125

The following majors are only permitted to request PA/NP for elective courses, GE courses, and GE prerequisite courses:

Consumer and Family Financial Services
Fashion and Retail Studies
Human Nutrition – Dietetics

The following major is permitted to request elective courses, GE courses, and prerequisite courses and major courses to be graded PA/NP, with the exception of two courses:

Physical Education

  • Ineligible courses: KNPE 4741 and KNPE 4189.02

Majors with no ineligible courses; students can request elective, GE and major courses for PA/NP:

Business Education
Career and Technical Education
Exercise Science
Family and Consumer Sciences Education
Health Promotion, Nutrition, and Exercise Science (HPNES)
Human Development and Family Science (HDFS)
Hospitality Management
Human Nutrition – Nutrition Sciences
Human Nutrition – Nutrition in Industry
Sport Industry

The following EHE minors have no restrictions or ineligible courses for PA/NP for AU20:
Coaching Education Minor
Consumer and Family Financial Services Minor
Consumer Sciences Minor
Education Minor
Higher Education and Student Affairs
Hospitality Management Minor
Human Development and Family Science Minor
Human Nutrition Minor
Physical Activity Specialist Minor
Technology and Youth Minor

Courses taken toward the following minor cannot be taken for PA/NP for AU20:
Fashion and Retail Studies Minor