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In Review Newsletter

The EHE Office of Research newsletter, In Review, is published in the fall, winter and spring. The newsletter celebrates student, faculty and staff achievements and awards throughout the year. Each issue highlights research from around the college, recent travel awards for students and faculty, a listing of new awards, upcoming events and more.

Spring 2018 (pdf)

Fall 2017 (pdf)


Spring 2017 

Winter 2017 

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

Winter 2016

Fall 2015

Spring 2015 

Winter 2015

  • Featured Award: Writing For English Language Learners (WELLS): Exploring The Relationship Between Writing Instruction And Student Outcomes
  • EHE Has Great Track Record With The US Department Of Education: $86M Since 2010 To Support Literacy Research
  • EHE Literacy Outreach Projects And Centers
  • Welcome New Faculty
  • New Research Awards, Travel Awards, Seed Grant Awards and various recognition
  • Updates from CETE, Straight A Fund Supports College Research Efforts, and Upcoming Events

Autumn 2014

  • Featured Award: ESL Partners With Honda
  • Focus on STEM – highlights EHE faculty and staff who are doing work in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.
  • New Research Awards, Travel Awards, University Graduate Fellowship Awards and various recognition
  • CCEC New Awards And Partnerships, International Extended Stay Research Awards, and Upcoming Events

Spring 2014

  • Featured Award: Green Tea For Liver Health
  • 2014 EHE Student Research Forum – highlighting student presentations by department
  • Upcoming Events Welcome New Faculty
  • New Research Awards, Travel Awards and EHE Dissertation Fellowship Awards
  • CETE Projects Support OSU Discovery Themes, Ohio Resource Center (ORC) Focuses On Argumentation And Online Instruction

Winter 2014

  • Featured Award: The Ohio State University Program in Visual Impairments : Preparing Personnel to Serve School-age Children with Low Incidence Disabilities
  • Discovery Themes Across Our College
  • Seed Grant Awards, Upcoming Events
  • OSU Extension: Your Ticket to Discovery, Postdoctoral Fellow Achievements
  • Welcome New Faculty, New Research Awards, Travel Awards, Faculty Promotions
  • EHE Centers: The Dennis Learning Center; Center for Inclusion, Diversity and Academic Success (IDEAS); and Ohio Education Research Center (OERC).

Autumn 2013

  • Featured Award: Attorney General Supports STAR HOUSE Research, Community Services
  • Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE), Upcoming Events
  • Crane Center for Early Childhood Research And Policy (CCEC), Children Express Gratitude for $2.5M Gift
  • Ohio Resource Center (ORC)
  • Schoenbaum Family Center
  • Graduate Student Achievements, New Awards, Travel Awards, University Graduate Fellowship Awards and various recognition
  • Winning in November is Easy! (IMPACT program), Math Coaching Project (MCP) – Still Going Strong

Spring 2013

  • Featured Award: Cash for Grades: Improving Performance?
  • Spotlight on New Faculty, Upcoming Events, Student Travel Grants
  • New Awards
  • 2013-2014 Dissertation Fellowship Awards, Meet the Office of Research Staff
  • 3rd Annual Student Research Forum Keynote Speaker Dr. Scott Herness, Thank You Dr. Lynley Anderman