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Archiving and Sharing Data

Presented April 10, 2017

This workshop focused on the last part of the data management cycle: preparing data for sharing data outside of the research team, depositing data into repositories, and archiving. Amanda Rinehart discussed the difference between archiving and sharing, when and what to share, best practices for protecting respondent confidentiality, and how to find an appropriate repository. Jessica Logan shared her experience with depositing Sit Together and Read data sets into the ICPSR repository and provide best practices on how to get data ready to be deposited.

This is the last workshop of a series of three workshops that focus on the data life cycle (see image on page 8 in linked document). The video and power points from the first workshop, Know Your Data: Security and Compliance Issues, are available. Presentations from the second workshop, Managing Active Data, are also available.


Amanda Rinehart, Data Management Librarian, OSU Libraries, The Ohio State University
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Jessica Logan, Associate Director of Research and Senior Researcher, Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy, The Ohio State University
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