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IRB Issues Part II: Submission Strand, Monitoring, Audits

Presented January 22, 2016

This workshop built on the IRB workshop held on October 13, 2015 that focused on Compliance, Quality, and Consent of research conducted with human subjects (videos available at This workshop focused on the following topics:

  1. Levels of Review and choosing the correct strand for protocol submission with examples
  2. Education, delegation, and training of research team members
  3. Monitoring plan for research projects
  4. Best Practices for data management and record keeping (required documentation)
  5. Reporting requirements
  6. The auditing process and the consequences of minor to major non-compliance


Joni Barnard, Education Resource Specialist Office of Responsible Research Practices, OSU

Vanessa Hill, Senior Quality Improvement Specialist, Office of Responsible Research Practices, OSU

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View Video - Joni Barnard Presentation 
View Video - Vanessa Hill Presentation
View Video - Question and Answer Session

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